Jacking back in

Hey everybody,
I’ve been away from the game for a while, and I’m finding myself jonesing to get back in. To get me going again, what would you say are one or two “things” – videos, podcasts, ideas, stimhack articles, decklists, etc – I should check out to get caught up?

I have all the cards (except Magnum Opus ones) and have been pretty much absent since January.


Wombat! Good to have you back. While it sounds like you might be stepping away from your Netrunner Think Piece podcasts (Which was such a hit for me. Right in the Venn Diagraph so hard…philosophy, technology, books, AND Netrunner? What’s not to like?), great to see you jumping back in.

As for decklists, I’d say take a look at The Outfit, Gnat, and maybe MTI.

I’ve been on a recent Outfit kick and it feels pretty good to have infinity money. Though it’s Weyland, so you still get to lose a lot.

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Hi Brandan,
big fan of Install from Heap!
Good to see you back in the game!

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Thanks! I am actually thinking about bringing back IFH too. We shall see. Glad to be back


Still thinking about an alternative cyberpunk reading list for you. I need to re-read a couple things to confirm if they’re as cyberpunk as I remember them first tho.

Netrunner stuff:

Play with Paragon, it feels old school. Play with Patchwork, it feels good. Play Ben Ni’s “Midrange Metal” to simultaneously get a sense of Arella Salvatore, Jinja City Grid, Gatekeeper, and Surveyor.

Stimhack is the new Dirty Laundry.

Keep cool. Corps have lots of money now and lots of ways to kill you or score honestly, or both. Seriously, stay safe out there.

Rashida Jaheem is amazing. NGO Front is great. 3x both, gg.


Oh hey, cool, I’m a fan of IFH too! :slight_smile: I remember PMing your store on twitter a few weeks ago to ask if it was ever coming back, glad to see you’re considering it!

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Here’s what it looks like when you open and sort five data packs and a deluxe pack. Rebooting is great.


I’ve been trying to make Psych Mike work, I think it’s a bit of a trap card (i.e., I think it’s a Win More card). Which means THERE MUST BE A WAY! :slight_smile:


Sounds like a good place to start!