Jank Night Stream - #2 on Thu 2/25 @ 6pm Eastern - Lets have fun via Slack and playing garbage cards!


Where? - click right here ya filthy animal <3

When? - 6pm EST for a couple hours? 2 or 3?

What? - Garbage decks on Jnet for giggles.

Long Version:

You guys are so serious sometimes. Reddit, Stimhack, Slack, all of it. Everyone is in woe at the MWL, Faust ruining all the things, NEH still being stupid, etc etc.

Let’s lighten up.

I used to do a stream series where I would just let Reddit pick me some awful ideas, and try my best to make it work. BUT.


Theres a bot command now, that’s lets me just get a garbage list of garbage.

So here’s the plan…

I fire up the stream. We talk and interact. Laughs are had. I enter this command, and get a list of garbage

Example taken straight from the command - Weyland Consortium: Building a Better World + Government Contracts + Dedication Ceremony + Tech Startup

So i get my list of garbage. Then, on the spot, I make a quick deck using every card in the list I am given. I don’t enjoy losing, so I will make the best deck I can think of in… less than 5 minutes? Then we go, play a game on Jinteki.net with the list, and have a good time.

Game will end. We will talk and laugh about the game, then repeat the process.

I’ll do this for a few hours, so im expecting like 4-5 games? Depends on time?

I dunno. It’ll be fun. Some of you might remember me for playing weird stuff… so I can rise to the challenge.

At worst, I will be hilariously fail, and you can make fun of me.

See you tonight, check it out. (And this will be a weekly thing, so any input about the format at all… let me know!)

I’ll play stream archive safe music, so no mutes this time!


I’ll be there around 6:30 EST; sounds fun!

Urge to do this riiiiisinnggg


So sad you always do these on Thursdays, it’s my only Netrunner night :frowning:

i might mix up the date. i just wanna do it weekly. XD

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live in a couple minutes!

Watching Nisei Division give @Chill84 an aneurysm was priceless. You’re doing Damon’s work.


Jank night #1 is done!

I’ll highlight the vod, so see the archives on my twitch page!

What did i play?..

All my !Jank commands, and links to what i made, are there.


Some crazy decks! Fun times.

That Nisei deck almost looks good. The rest of them are also… decks that existed. I will have to check out the vods later!

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See ya then :wink:

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Watched the VOD last night. 10/10 will watch again

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Myself and @Moxwall are stealing @bahram’s idea and doing a !jank stream tonight. Come out and watch!

Jank #2 is going live later tonight! come hang out. tag me on slack if you wanna be embarassed on stream (aka get a free win vs me on stream)

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