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Jankrunner -- "Biotic Philotic" 7-21-15


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Jankrunner 01:

Playing super secret NBN tech deck against Max and Hayley. Commentary by @Jdalart and @Danwarr

I’m such shit at this game now, hopefully my pain is entertaining.


Your interpretation of chum+troll is wrong. Chum NEVER fires with troll. The FAQ clarifies that “all” subroutines includes 0, so chum never can fire when the next ice encountered is a 0 subroutine ice.


You’re saying Chum+Troll does nothing, but that’s not actually correct. The runner needs to get to point 3.1 in the timing structure of a run to break the 0 subroutines. This has been confirmed by Lukas on Twitter:

So if the runner ends the run because Troll’s trace, Chum will fire and do the 3 damage.


Thats a relief.


Should be along the same lines as chum into a Femmed card. Since you bypass and don’t break the subs, chum does the damage.


But, of course, if the runner were to lose a click instead, he would continue and break all 0 subroutines, and not get burned.


Biotic Philotic: @ruukari, @jotto_otts - follow your dreams


That was just painful to watch (in a really hilarious kind of way).


I took 6 net damage recording it.


I was totally fine until he scored the clone retirement.

Have you ever watched Hard Candy the movie? I had that same feeling in my stomach when he scored the clone, as I had for most of that movie.


For me, the high watermark was ditching the Lotus. I literally shouted at my screen and colleagues looked funny at me.