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Jemison Astronautics - Agenda Rocket to Mars


I’ve been playing a BWBI that fast advances government takeovers for a while now, and it’s actually pretty good. BoN seems tough with only 12 influence - I have 2 biotic, 3 jackson, 3 vanity projects, 1 FIHP as my inf.


Yeah, I know I’ve been messing around with something similar out of BoN pre-Blood and Water, and probably going to play it at a upcoming regionals because it’s hilarious.


someone in my meta was playing a BoN + couriers + gov takeover deck, and it was really hard to deal with. he didn’t even have mass comm (as it wasn’t out yet when we last played)

the deck is hilariously fun. maybe not t1, but definitely not jank town


As far as I know, his inf was 2 Biotic, 2 Jackson, and then he strait up ignored the last 2.

Right? And I’ll tell you, Mass Comm really cranks that deck up a level.


Pretty sure that’s one reason why @joseki’s deck has a Chameleon in it. Though having to recast it each turn would be tough, eating up one of those 5 clicks, but I suspect if you need it you need it.


I published the deck above, which isn’t really that noteworthy, but I also wrote a little more in depth about the card inclusions as well as made a small write-up of the matches I played on the day.

Here’s a link for those interested.


Forgive me for posting to this old thread. This has been on my mind for a looong time and I just want to get it out.

Jemison is an ID that is great for ANR. Mechanical IDs are hard to design well and keep balanced. Jemison is not OP and it creates a whole new way of playing. In my experience though, it only has a chance of being good with the dual threat of kill and FA. I use Junebugs for this purpose.

I’ve always thought of Junebug as a way to a) protect Oberth and b) create late game never advance windows. For example, when Friends was alive, I would use it to bring out face-ups Oberth and Junebug.

The problem, in my experience, is that almost no one will play this game. I mean, sure, most losses are to strong R&D digs—the deck’s weakness. But those runners never seem to account for what I’m up to. They don’t usually think ”hmmm that might be a Junebug so I should try to score at R&D.” Either they had the attack threat for R&D and go there, or they run the remote. And die. Which is not what I really wanted.

In my experience, Junebug kills in Jemison lead to negative player experiences. Opponents think it’s a cheap kill, cause I mean, there are no tokens on that card, then right before access with no chance to jack out there are three or four…or five. The problem is, I never want you to run the Junebug…or at least I want you to say, “Hmmm, that might be a Junebug” before you run my remote. But the archetype just isn’t common enough it seems.

Eventually I started telling people my plan. “I run three junebugs. So if I have some agendas scored I might be able to kill you for running my remotes. It’s a sinister way to make scoring windows.” That really helped. Sometimes against newer players I just rez the Junebug too early, as if it were a mistake. Then I say “Oh darn, well now you know that’s a Junebug. I assume you want to jack out before I kill you. Next time I’ll remember to wait until you can’t jack out to rez it.”

If more people played Jemison (i.e. if it were just a little stronger) I think more people would recognize the kind of ways that it kills…and play the game accordingly. I argue that NPE feelings from Jemison kill is more from the lack of awareness of the archetype than from being actually unfair (or OP?).


I always slot the Junebugs. Played Jemison at KoS this year and went 3-2, 2 of the wins were Junebug flatlines. I think it’s a better kill package in one slot than any tag + boom nonsense, since it’s too hard to rush and simultaneously out money the runner.

It’s worth noting that there is some counterplay to the Junebug strategy. If the runner has Bank Job they can choose to take credits instead of accessing after you use paid ability windows before access. It’s definitely an edge case that’s rarely relevant, but I think it is important that there is a counter out there.


You can always just rez the Junebug on install if you want them to know it’s there and have the threat keep them from running.

If you aren’t using it as a trap don’t treat it as one and rez it like any other asset.


yay last second junebug bait and switch.


Don’t get me wrong. I want the kill. I just want to force people into the decision fully aware rather than them going “oh, crap. That Junebug play is nasty. I didn’t know. That seems unfair.”


Eh, this is a game with Junebug in it. If someone is going to res an Archer that I can break and then advance the card it’s protecting, I’m going to be really hesitant to access that card afterwords because of that card’s existence. Maybe if it would be the winning agenda I’d feel I needed to, but otherwise I think I might just jack out. Also, if the same person plays you again, then bam, they know you have a Junebug and can play around it. I never see accidental death in this game as a NPE; these are all cards we have access to, and should at least think a little about before committing to accesses.


Tell that to everyone I murder.


The thing people don’t like is that they can access it without any advancements on it, then before access I can load it with 3-6 counters. So accessing any facedown card is possible death.


And sometimes cake!

But mostly death.


100% agreed. It’s why a lot of players learn very quickly to treat ‘running with less than 3 cards in hand’ as being a risky play. Snare! exists.

Did I ever tell you about my first game of Netrunner ever? Both of us were learning the game, we learned the rules, then sat down with Kate vs Jinteki from Core1. Corp’s turn, he iced HQ and a Remote and played Hedge Fund. On my turn, I played Sure Gamble, Sure Gamble, then played Maker’s Eye. I hit a Snare! on the second card down. Game Over.

This sort of thing is absolutely a part of the game and I believe that if you get very upset over dying to Jemison Junebug, you probably shouldn’t be playing this game.

(For my part, when I die to things like that, my response is ‘Huh. Well that’s a thing I know now. Let’s go again!’ … I’m also aware that my response is not normal. I’ve also died to a Gutenberg on Archives tagging me on my last click because I didn’t think it was likely to put that on Archives… Scorch+Archived+Scorch killed me shortly thereafter.)


So I won an SC with Jemison last night, abusing the new Armed Intimidation and 24/7. There’s a couple changes I’d make to make it be better (this was the literal first pass on the deck), but it’s a pretty good time.



I’m surprised that you didn’t have Neural in there in the first place! I figured a deck like this might pop up soon. Brutal combination!


Right? It’s a no-brainer, both in terms of card inclusion and pun value of the card itself. Regardless, it’s in there now.