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Jemison Astronautics - Agenda Rocket to Mars


I’m not sure that word means what you think it means.


Yeeeah what? I could of sworn that meant “I disagree” oh well, you get my point.


Yeah, I do =P

Right now my main problem with Jemijem is sometimes I just don’t find a god-damned agenda when I need one. Public Support, at least on the surface, seems like it’s a bit of a solution to that issue, but it is fairly annoying that it needs 3 turns to pay out. It’s not really the 3 turns that bugs me (although all but the most poor runners will probably come take care of it in that time), it’s that if I find a real-person agenda, I can’t just jam it until PubSup lets go of my server. I think that maybe just using Fast Tracks to get going might be a better idea.

I do love the Shipment From Mirrormorph to crap agendas out of nowhere, but getting all 3 (Shipment, agenda, Oberth) into your hand at the same time I’d imagine isn’t as common an occurrence as I’d hope.


Basically my struggle. I oftentimes have to twiddle my thumbs while hoping a Hostile makes its way into my hand. Often times if I don;t get a good start going I’m screwed in the late game.


Sounds like a job for Fast Trackwoman.


With Graft and Audacity in the game now, has Jemison acquired a solid enough agenda suite? A suite of Graft, Hostile, Future and Atlas seems pretty good for pure fast advance.


I’m still wary about playing real 3 pointers in a non kill deck. I kinda think that GFI might be a better choice, but I haven’t messed around with Jemison in a bit. I kinda think there’s probably a pretty good build of it that exists though now that probably uses Red Sand Couriers as a finisher, but I haven’t tried to make the deck itself yet. Been too busy playing regionals week after week =P


Yeah, I saw you down in the bay doing work.

I will probably do some testing with both graft and gfi over the week after I get back from my weekend.


Aw, I missed you =( Anyhow, thinking about Graft, and yeah, if a real 3-pointer is gonna be played, that one is going to be it, for sure. Your post made me curious about what a full FA Jemison could look like with the current pack, so I made one using GFI. It’s super first-pass, though, and there are a lot of swaps that could be made. Here’s what I got so far:


Jemison Astronautics: Sacrifice. Audacity. Success. (Daedalus Complex)

Agenda (11)
3x Firmware Updates (Order and Chaos)
2x Global Food Initiative (Data and Destiny) [color=#708090]●●[/color]
3x Hostile Takeover (Core Set)
2x Project Atlas (What Lies Ahead)
1x Vanity Project (Old Hollywood) [color=#708090]●[/color]

Asset (3)
3x Jackson Howard (Opening Moves) [color=#FF8C00]●●●[/color]

Upgrade (3)
3x Oberth Protocol (Daedalus Complex)

Operation (17)
2x Audacity (Earth’s Scion)
2x Biotic Labor (Core Set) [color=#8A2BE2]●●●●● ●●●[/color]
1x Friends in High Places (Martial Law) [color=#8A2BE2]●[/color]
3x Hedge Fund (Core Set)
2x Hunter Seeker (Terminal Directive)
3x IPO (Terminal Directive)
1x Red Planet Couriers (Earth’s Scion)
1x Sacrifice (Station One)
2x Shipment from Kaguya (Core Set)

Barrier (4)
1x Changeling (Up and Over)
2x Ice Wall (Core Set)
1x Spiderweb (The Underway)

Code Gate (6)
3x Hortum (Terminal Directive)
2x Mausolus (Martial Law)
1x Wormhole (Order and Chaos)

Sentry (5)
2x Archer (Core Set)
1x Colossus (Terminal Directive)
2x Sapper (Martial Law)

15 influence spent (max 15, available 0)
20 agenda points (between 20 and 21)
49 cards (min 45)

The obvious goal here is to FA out, preferably, the Vanity, although I’m sure a GFI would work in most cases as well. The Firmwares are there mostly to advance the ICE, making them both more threatening as well as targets for Couriers. The Kaguya is there for more of the same, although it might be better to have these be strait up Dedication Ceremony for the boosted advancements. I figure Kaguya is free and can be used on unrezzed ICE as well, but I could just be wrong in my pick. Firmware is also great to sac once a round and a half has gone by and you’ve used your counters.

I think Wormhole is kinda playable again, because it’s been forever since I’ve seen a D4v1d in the wild, and breaking it with anything else just plain sucks. I had a verson of this deck where I was trying to play 2x Builder in order to also advance the ICE, but there really wasn’t enough room for positional ICE as well as all the agendas and operations I wanted.

I really want to fit in some Cyberdex’s, but I have no idea where yet ; ;

Edit: Also, I did not do work in the bay, lol. I lost games I shouldn’t have, and that’s always a bad feeling. I did much better in Seattle last weekend, though! I still lost a game I shouldn’t have in the cut, but I was undefeated after 5 rounds of swiss playing Weyland and Shaper ^^


Eyyy, it’s the Jemison thread again! This post is probably going to be pretty long, so strap in.

So now that regional season is over (for me, at least), I thought I’d take that Jemison deck in the post I wrote just upstairs and see how it ran. It’s gone through several tweeks, but still retains most of what you see above. First, I decided that I hated not having 3x Atlas, because that agenda is frickin’ fantastic for finding combo pieces or more agendas, and in a comboey FA deck that’s super clutch. I went down to 2 Hostile 2 Firmware to do this. Pretty soon after this I decided that not running 3x Hostile was also insane, since it’s both money (which you need) and a point you can just score from hand, easily turning on a lot more FA options, so I dropped to 1 Firmware.

Shipment from Kaguya sucks in here, and I swapped em out for Dedication Ceremonies. Sure, the ICE needs to be face-up for them to work, but it turns out that runners like to run, and that ICE sure does get flipped. It’s a great way to make Maus into a real threat as well, since they can just walk through it if they don’t mind the damage and tag. You still have to hard advance Wormhole, though (unless you’re super lucky and it’s out and unanvanced at the same time you score Firmware) which sucks a lot, but whatcha gonna do. On the plus side, occasionally you can get Wormhole to fire Hortum’s second sub when Hortum is fully advanced, which feels real good.

The deck at this point was running pretty smoothly (clot is sometimes annoying, but not terrible, since you still have a server, and can score a bit before they can do much with it), but then I ran into some uppity Anarch playing Yog, Datasuckers, Parasites, and an Ice Carver! I know! I was surprised too. It turns out that when 5 of your ICE is completely blank, even at 5 strength, it becomes really hard to win, especially once Medium hits the table. I came home that night and looked at my deck and though “Shit, I need to find a whole new ICE suite, but since I’m limited to Neutral ICE and Weyland ICE, it’s going to suck.” But then I had a thought. A crazy thought. What if I do what every other self respecting FA deck does and throw in a couple Cyberdex Virus Suites? So I did and it’s fantastic. It found out that not only does it make the Clot matchup better, but when an Anarch thinks they’re coming into your trippel-advanced Mausolus server for free and then faceplants into said Mausolus instead… that’s a good feeling. Who knew! I find that I never want more than 1 Audacity per game, so I took one out, and then the other slot was opened from going from 11 to 10 agendas (I had previously played 2 Red Planet, but dropped down to 1 for similar reasons as Audacity).

Finally, I realized that of almost all the games I’d ever played with it, I never ever wanted to actually rez Colossus. Unless it’s advanced, rezzing it sucks, and since I’m using Dedication Ceremony to advance it, rezzing it will always suck. So Colossus is a Veritas now. Also, I took a Jackson out and put in a Pop-up Window, becuase I wanted another ICE, and like the money it provides. It could also be an IP Block, but I haven’t messed with it yet. Both get worse once you get the inevitable BP (no runner tax on Popup, and effectively lowered trace on IP Block). So far I haven’t missed the Jackson, and really like having another ICE I can just pop over R&D early game.

In case you don’t feel like comparing lists and figuring out what it looks like now, here’s the updated version, which I think is actually quite good.

Something Something, Mars.

Jemison Astronautics: Sacrifice. Audacity. Success. (Daedalus Complex)

Agenda (10)

Asset (2)

Upgrade (5)

Operation (16)

Barrier (4)

Code Gate (7)

Sentry (5)

15 influence spent (max 15, available 0)
20 agenda points (between 20 and 21)
49 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Terminal Directive

There’s just so many cool ways to advance agendas in this damn thing. It’s pretty common to end with Biotic-ing a Couriers to score a GFI or a Vanity. Red Planet Couriers makes saccing an agenda to Archer when there isn’t an agenda on the field much more palatable, since those counters have a use later in the game, other that making your ICE slightly more spiky. Vanity can also be scored if you’re done with your Atlas counters and you have an Oberth unrezzed. If your server is secure, a simple IAA into Biotic AAAA also gets the job done. Ending the game with an Audacity is also common, since you don’t care about your hand any more. Usually you’re doing this with an Atlas or a combo with GFI, but I’ve also scored Hostile from 0 credits to win, or if I just have a Jackson on the table and my hand is mediocre.

Sacrifice is kinda fun if you can throw away an Atlas to scrub 2 bad pub away and FA a GFI off an Oberth or combo with the Audacity. You only go up 1 point, but denying agendas to the runner is also important. I find that just having 1-ofs of Red Planet, Audacity, and Sacrifice is almost perfect. Especially with Atlas to tutor things, you can usually find things in the mid-game if you need them. There’s nothing like drawing one of your combo pieces and thinking 'Oh, it’s go time," and suddenly there’s a Vanity project scored.

I sometimes wish the deck had more money. You’re basically just on the 3x Hedge, 3x IPO, 3x Hostile plan, using Jacksons to recycle the cash. Most of the ICE costs 4 to rez, so clicking for credits happens. Fortunately, more than half of the ICE gives you small refunds on early face-checks, so it’s not quite as bad as it looks from the hard numbers alone.

Once this Thursday’s pack comes out, I need to find room for probably 1 Standoff, and then I’ll probably make the Sacrifice into a Success. Sacrifice is probably the weakest of the FA materials, since it’s really only good if you have one or more Hostiles scored, and then usually only pays out 1 more agenda point than you sacrificed, whereas Success can turn an Atlas into a Vanity Project with ease. If success turns out to be good enough, it might change the deck entirely (GFI can become a Takeover…). I’m pretty excited.


Sad to see you off of 24/7. I still haven’t found time to try 24/7 and Graft.

Very complete post! Looking forward to trying this.


It was a natural thing once I decided to try out Vanity. I decided I couldn’t really afford to run real 3-pointers any more, since I had the potential of just losing on 2 agenda steals, so I had to use GFIs. Since I’m not doing kill in this build, keeping super ahead on money is less important as well, so it just naturally makes more sense to drop em. The Biotics are sick, though. Expensive though they may be, they really do open up a lot of opportunities.

24/7 and Graft sounds amazing, though O.o. I still don’t think I’d want to run it alongside Vanity, but maybe if I do a Tsakeover build I can do it then (since if Takeover is stolen I lose on 2 agendas no matter what).


The ufaq for Blood and Water is out, and Jemison’s pet card got an … interesting update:

Can players trash their opponent’s cards during a Standoff?


So, this makes it way better in Skorpios and worse in Jemison. Will you still be running it if you know the runner can tear down your Ice before taking their turn?


wait, what?



Wow, what a shitter of a card.

Imagine scoring this VS Leela. “Okay, I bounce your outer HQ ICE, and now I’ll destroy your other HQ ICE.”

“Okay, cool, I concede. Good game.”


same reaction exactly

EDIT: upon further reflection, i think it just changes the strategy. you IAA this in your scoring remote and force the runner to come and get it (and get no points), then unlock Hunter-Seeker et al., and i agree: better in skorp than jemison

but if players get to choose their opponent’s cards, it makes the trashes much more valuable. you can’t really have any expensive ice or assets. seems like it’d go great for hatchet job skorp tbh cos all the ice is like 0-2 cost and the only high-cost asset/upgrade is crisium
if you get the runner the option: trash this unrezzed ice, this vanilla, and i can trash your console, what would you do in that situation?
if the runner can trash all of your ice, they probably won’t care if you trash and rfg their breakers, but if you have clicks left in the turn to reinstall some ice, i think they’d care, so the main thing is you can’t just FA this out of hand unless you have like no installed cards or your opponent has almost none. but a first turn standoff vs adam sounds funny, even if he can use his other directives to punish you next turn


I agree, I think the card is a double edged sword, but you can mimimize the downsides. One option, like you said, is to have redundant cheap ICE. They trash your vanilla and you trash their Corroder. Pretty Nice. Never Advancing is another option, allowing you to replace whatever is trashed provided you have one on HQ. Additionally this is great with the upcoming Tithonium, which makes Standoffs value shoot up drastically.


Additionally the sting can be multiplied with a few Warroid Trackers, which were released in the same pack and are a mere 2 influence.


Yeah, Leela is a super bummer, but she’s a super bummer regardless if you are playing this agenda. In her case I’d just use it as run bait or something.


Jemison undefeated at a GNK today (4-0), taking me to a 7-1 first place finish. It’s the exact list you see above you -1 Sacrifice -1 Wormhole, +1 Success, +1 Veritas. I never ended up using Success, some times because I just didn’t have it, but more often than not I felt that if I was going to do a Biotic combo to score an agenda, I’d rather just score a Vanity with Couriers and not have to sacrifice an agenda to do so. Besides, with Sacrifice you can only go from a 3/2 agenda to a Vanity or a Food; Foiod gets you only 1 point, which is boring and slow, and Vanity gets you 2 points, but then you’re out an Atlas.

I think if I’m going to continue running the Dedication/Firmware package (or at least the Dedications), I might just cut the Success and add another Couriers instead. It’s a simple, powerful way to end the game, and almost trivial to pull off if you get an Atlas counter or 2 (and I prefer my second agenda to be an Oberth’d doubele over-advanced Atlas). I think that with a Sacrifice build, I’d probably cut the Vanity, the Dedications, and the Couriers, and add a third Food, a second 3/1 agenda (and maybe make those agendas into False Lead as well), a second Sacrifice, and … maybe a money card? Maybe Stinson. Anyhow, sacrifice enables converting a 3/1 into a 5/3 either through Never-advance tactics or a Biotic with Sacrifice, or through a cheeky Archer rez to protect the never-advanced Food (advancing the Food), saving the Sacrifice. The obvious downside to this is you can’t score 4 points out of nowhere like you can with the Couriers/Biotic/Vanity play. The plus side is that Bioticing into a Sacrifice play only costs 4 credits rather than 9, even if it is just for a 2 point gain.

Anyhow, Hunter Seeker is a god damned super hero, getting used 1-2 times each game and creating scoring windows left, right, front, and center. Sapper also got a couple trashes today, most notably to someone who brought Cold Ones (@Joseki’s Appoc Ayla deck that he won US Nats with). I was kinda bad this game and probably could have scored out a turn earlier than I had targeted, which would have been a turn earlier than Ayla went off, but as I said, I’m bad and missed it, so Ayla goes off and does the super-multi-turn thing. Appocs everything, gets all the Encores and the Equivocation down, and starts pounding my deck, making me draw every non agenda. Fortunately, he’s having a bad time with it, and isn’t seeing them, so my hand is getting huge. I figure here in a few more accesses I’ll use my 2 Atlas Counters to suck up my Vanity and an Atlas to my hand to make them disappear (the Vanity because Vanity, and the Atlas because I can Audacity it to win the following turn). He keeps going, and suddenly stops. He reveals the Sapper and I trash his Equivocation, halting the combo turn mid-way through. He spends the rest of his clicks running HQ, but there’s nothing there to be had, and concedes.

Anyhow, the deck is in a pretty cool place right now. I’m pretty happy with it. Not as happy as if Standoff was a playable Netrunner card, but still pretty happy =P Now I just need Tithonium next pack and I’ll be super set.

Oh, and get this: second place was a Builder of Nations 7-agenda Fast Advance Couriers/Punitive deck. 3 Hostiles, 3 Graft, 1 Takeover. 3/4 of his games, he won FAing the Takeover. Mass Commercialization is INSANE in this thing. He went from 1-21 credits in 2 clicks. Seems good :wink: