Jinja City Grid is good...for the runner

I noticed that when playing Jinja City Grid in the faceless environment of Jinteki.net, it is much easier for the corp to hide what they drew. In meatspace the situation is much different. I played in a small tournament and I was genuinely getting A LOT of information what the corp drew when Jinja City Grid was rezzed. I could immediately read from the player what type of card they drew even when they drew ICE but did not use JCG to install it. While it made my information accurate I was not able to leverage it to my advantage due to my runner not having necessary tools to get in to.

You really need to “act” differently when drawing with a rezzed JCG as the corp. I wouldn’t allow installs after the drawn card has been added to HQ as after that point it is impossible be sure that the installed card was in fact the one that was drawn.

Not discussing the actual card ability I am more interested in the nuances in playing the card in meatspace. How do you play around or with, the body language information that this card creates?


Playing Miracles in Magic gives you a lot of practice at this stuff.

Before you draw, figure out how you want to play out your turn. Lift the top card of your deck so you can see it, but it is clearly currently being drawn, and then put it in your hand or directly into play.

The other way is to draw the card in the advice manner, and then whilst looking at it, decide what your turn is, whether you can install it or not.

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Why would you do that ? Most of the time before playing a card, I shuffle my hand.
This way my opponent never know this “saved” me or not, and especially when playing like that, by looking the card I played, the thing I’m saved from.
Cards I draw are always put directly in my hand, unless I want to make my opponent double guessing something.

Feel free to not be allowed to use Jinja City Grid, friend. If you shuffle it into your hand and then reveal an Ice to me I ain’t letting you install it.


Oh, with Jinja, ok. I though you did this on regular draws :slight_smile:

I like people playing Jinja vs the deck I use (Baghat + Maw gets dangerous when any server is unprotected)

The real sweet tech is playing Raman Rai AND Jinja City Grid, so when you draw a card and spent 30 seconds thinking about it, you don’t give away any information.


My brain is spinning from this interaction. So you lose a click, reveal a card and then swap it with a card from archives. Wouldn’t the order be–1)reveal card from R and D [losing the click]–if it’s an ice, then 2) you can swap it with an ice that’s in archives, then 3)Install with JCG?


Oh my! I was just goofing that Raman Rai would be a good way to deny the runner info if you spent a decent amount of time thinking about what to do with the card you drew.

But… does that work? That seems really cute if you were on some kind of heavy trap deck or something.

Not that much.

Draw a trap, exchange that trap with one in the archives.

Net result :

  • one trap out of R&D
  • one trap back in archives.
  • cost a click.

Nothing changes with or without Raman, but your lost click.

This just makes the runner fall into, top, 8-16 traps, then all servers are open.

Now say with Jinja, you have 5 ices there :
Runner clic 1 run on it until he thinks it’s risky to continue, recovers for 3 clicks then you would have to reinstall all the ices he destroyed by running.

Not a good idea imo.

Throw, in a Political Dealings, now you’ve got a stew going.


Okay, so we need an Illicit Arms Factory, Political Dealings, and Jinja City Grid. We’ll be building scoring servers left and right with our Gun Running!

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