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Jinteki.net - A deck builder and (soon) game play in the browser

FWIW, I got a C&D from FFG for my video of my web-based A:NR engine. Given how many similar videos exist of OCTGN gameplay, I don’t think it’s safe to say that doing what OCTGN does will keep you safe.

I think they mean to keep any new implementations from popping up, perhaps so that they have only one thing to shut down when they do their own implementation (wild speculation)?

this is why i dreamed of terminal based impl :wink: no images = safety?

I think some kind of concession has to be made to FFG here. Just because they haven’t delivered an online platform for Netrunner doesn’t mean they’re going to ignore anything anyone puts out there. As others have said, I would hate to see all the work put into a project like this (and the possibilities it provides for players) to go down the drain. As on OCTGN, give people a choice between artwork or text for the first 6 months. Personally I always go with artwork, and yes I do have to inspect the occasional card, but it’s not really that big a deal. I play the physical game and if I don’t know the text of a card my opponent plays, I ask to look at it. Takes about as much time as targeting a card and choosing “inspect”.

If you’re talking about what I remember seeing a few months ago, it was a really cool presentation of the game and would have been just fine playing it like that.

FYI, you can also see the text by mousing over a card and holding down ctrl. However you need to enable that as an option in the OCTGN options menu first.

Maybe you could implement some way to scan the barcode on data packs to show the full cards ? At least it would show to FFG that your well-intentioned.

my packs are down the trash as of today and i got all cards at least x3.

What I’d like for the deckbuilder:
Links so I can share the deck with others. Jinteki has the best hoverovers compared to Meteor and Netrunnerdb, which is great for grokking decks, but no option to share.

Apart from that, a simple no-rules mode like Cockatrice would be ace. Not like you need anything more to play.

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The Weyland Consortium has been briefed on this… (Jack Weyland) :slight_smile:

Looking forward to it! :smile:

FFG sent the cease and desist email.

I asked if you could keep the card browser and deck builder online and who i can contact at FFG to discuss a suitable solution for online gameplay as there is a demand from players.

They want the whole website down and might go after other deck builders and card browsers.

not happy this happened that fast.

oh, and cardgamedb usability sucks.

NetrunnerDB.com received a cease and desist email as well :frowning:

doing local clones asap.

Is anybody really suprise Jinteki got shut down? It was only a matter of time.

Nope. It’s happened with other engines before and it’ll happen again. Didn’t expect the collateral damage though.

It was likely a lawyer that saw that Jinteki was directly pulling from a site providing high rez pics. They are likely just doing it preemptively before another similar site comes along.

To be perfectly honest, I’m kind of pissed off at @mtgred. We all warned you that this would provoke FFG, and your lack of respect for their IP brought netrunnerdb into it.

Sorry to be devisive, but I really hope this is a lesson to the community. I’m not 100% on FFG’s side here, but I don’t at all think that they are at fault for shutting this project down.


I’m annoyed at him too, but try to be mindful of hindsight bias. We all knew that jinteki.net was going to get the hammer but nobody predicted that the collateral damage would hit netrunnerdb.

I expect that he probably already feels pretty shit right now and a flamefest won’t help anything.


Disagree. As I said before, sites like Untap and Jinteki don’t hurt sales. It’s ignorant for FFG lawyers to shut down any sites, regardless of what IP they are infringing upon. From a business stand-point, it is unnecessary and counter-productive to building customer loyalty and sales. It’s a bad call for FFG from any angle. Any developer, doing anything involving ANR, is helping FFG, period. If FFG would support ANR with a good online platform, we wouldn’t need third party sites. Since they won’t, we do, and FFG needs them, too, whether they know it or not. Even if they argue cardgamedb is good enough, what do they seek to gain by eliminating all other third party sites? Nothing.

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I don’t want to see people just attacking @mtgred, and these issues can probably be brought up in a more civil manner in the Cease and desist thread.