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Jinteki.net discussion

Did the quest for anonymized / ID-specific stats lead anywhere?

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Not sure it’s the right place to say it but still.

There is a bug in some interactions with cards from Business First.

I played Dedication Ceremony on Mumbad Construction CO..
Then I installed a public agenda. After moving every advancement token from MCCO to the agenda, I couldn’t score it. A red toast said “couldn’t score it due to Dedication Ceremony”.

EDIT : also, I had a pretty weird experience. I was playing Silhouette. I made a Feint on Gagarin HQ (which had a rezzed Crisium). When the run was successfull I couldn’t access any cards in HQ but was offered the opportunity to access at least 20 upgrade when there was only one.

probably no-one cares but I was playing with Student Loans the other day and it doesn’t charge the runner an extra +2 for playing events from the heap

The Dedication Ceremony bug and HQ run issues when upgrades are present have been fixed and are awaiting merge and deployment.

Student Loans is not implemented at this time, sorry!


I had a fun time yesterday when Jinteki glitched and hid my hand, then got me stuck in a run I couldn’t get out of. My opponent had a sense of humor. :smile:


Some people over [here] ("Simpler" port of ANR for online play) are talking about how to simplify the out-of-run interaction between corp and runner. As far as I understand, the problem stems from the fact that sometimes a player misses the opportunity to react between the clicks of the other player. I was then wondering how something like that could be prevented on Jnet.

For the moment I see two possibilities:

  • after each click a player takes, the opponent player has to push a ‘no reaction button’ which makes the next click available to the first player. This would indeed solve these problems but I am afraid it could bog down the experience

  • as the need to react after a click is almost always foreseeable by the player who needs to react, it could be good if a button 'action before next click’ was available. It should work as the action before end of turn button currently does, preventing the opposing player from taking his/her next click.
    This might not impair the game experience too much.


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I very much like this proposal. An existing precedent exists in the form of the “action before EoT” button, and in games where it is less of an issue, it can simply be ignored because there’s no Clot/FA/Spark triggers to worry about.

An existing precedent exists in the form of the “action before EoT” button

This change was reverted by mtgred, paradoxically the stated reason was ease of use.

As for the timing window discussion, I already wrote my proposal to solve that problem here. I invite thoughts and discussion about that, especially about the trigger system described in the first bulletpoint.

Essentially, what I’m suggesting there is to adapt the RL life interface for interrupts on jinteki.net - an equivalent of shouting “WAIT, MY ACSHUNZ!”

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This exists on OCTGN, also with a very handy sound effect, which I whink would be useful. I often miss that my opponent writes in the log while I’m doing something. Sound effect would make me immediately pause and check what they are doing/saying.


Pause Interrupt
This would be useful in general, even if other solutions were present too. Also being a keystroke (e.g. space bar in particular) would be preferable to a mouse-click I think.

Getting out of the pause: perhaps just an unpause button that both must press
[runner hits spacebar - PAUSE]
corp: ?
runner: need to play clot
corp: ak kk
runner: k, go
[game unpauses as corp and runner press their respective buttons]
runner installs clot

I think it’s a neat idea that has potential, but I’m not sure it has enough reward to warrant inclusion - the game can just move too fast and setting up the right trigger could involve a lot of configuration as triggering at the wrong time would give away your strategy.

One-second Gap
What about just a one second gap between each click? It’s possible that this inconvenience could be reduced by the game state could identify whether there’s any rez or paid ability opportunities on the board for each side (e.g. no at the beginning of the game, but yes for the corp as soon as there’s face down cards in servers) and not enforce the gap if there’s no possibility of interruptions. Not super sold on this idea at all, but it’s better than the obvious one of confirming you have no actions each turn and is a relatively generic mechanic that doesn’t require specific implementation.


sound effects would be great

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Only if they can be turned off.


most computers have a mute setting :smile:

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I just tried that. And it made my music stop playing. :pensive:


Maybe you’ve unplugged the wrong one, look carefully at the photo.


Tried to replicate photo. I can’t find that jack. Gonna call tech support. Thanks for the help guys! Really appreciated! :relaxed:


Instructions unclear, earplugs now unsanitary.


Solution is actually pretty simple (Firefox):


I’m convinced nothing will stop people from fast advanceing past clot windows when you have paid abilities up