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Continuing the discussion from Jinteki.net - A deck builder and (soon) game play in the browser:

Original thread was closed because people were hating on @mtgred. Just tried playing a test game with @BazooKaJoe and it was broken, broken, broken. I listed broken cards and bugs in the main chat, but wanted to restart discussion here.

I know I would love an OCTGN alternative. Any idea when these things will be done and/or do you need any help scoping out cards and tracking bugs?

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I think the issue was FFG not approving of someone implementing their game for online play without them.

Just curious, with the exception of a really stellar ANR title, why do people want an alternative to OCTGN? Complete installation and set-up of OCTGN/ANR takes less than 30 minutes, and learning the interface takes no more than a couple hours of gameplay. It is generally very stable. again, just wondering. haven’t given Jinteki.net a spin cause I haven’t felt any need/desire to


So I can play on my Mac - and a better UI would help grow the game


ah, there it is :smile:


There are a lot of people who don’t play OCTGN because there is a time barrier to entry, it isn’t pretty, and it only works on windows. A lot of these people would get into an intuitive, pretty game that works in a browser, or at least is easier to set up and/or available to mac users.

BTW, I saw someone note in the reddit thread about the recent merger that it’s possible the C&Ds were attempts to strengthen their brand to help them in negotiations. This leads me to wonder what Asmodee might do differently with regard to unofficial online clients, or whether the creation of an official one might speed up because of increased capital.


Asmodee are French, right? Can’t be a coincidence…

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Well, it could be… :wink:

I hear your other points, but how much prettier can one expect a passion project to be? Granted it’s not Hearthstone, but I think OCTGN’s GUI is pretty damn nice, considering.

omg :expressionless: :gun:


Compare OCTGN to the best in-browser MTG client, Untap.IN. There is no GUI, just cards floating in white-space.

A few weeks ago he did say a more playable, functional client will be done in a month. There is daily progress on it.


Or you can compare OCTGN to a real gameclient and realize that there is a long road of improvements that can be made.
As someone that installed OCTGN and gave up before playing a match, I welcome any alternative until there is a official online client.


Consider it’s free, built and maintained by one person, I’d say it’s damn nice. It’s functional and allows me to play the game. That’s all I ask for.


Well, it’s nice and all, if you are a windows fanboy. Linux got the same problems as mac, and don’t I dare speak for those ChromeOS folks

You’re joking, right?

I’m on a Mac, so yes, I had to actually put in some effort to get a functioning windows vm going to play OCTGN. My free and functional netrunner platform wasn’t handfed to me.

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Yet, wine or virtualbox won’t work for every mac. As for my Fedora desktop, it’s will not run OCTGN, it just won’t. I’m not saying OCTGN is bad, I’ll gladly dualboot to windows for the time being, but I’d love to see an alternative as well

Okay, then I guess it’s up to you to build one then or use what is available.

I don’t understand the whining and moaning over this.

I live somewhere where no one plays Netrunner and that is very unlikely to change in the foreseeable future (I’ll save you the details). Without OCTGN I would have to give up Netrunner and I am grateful to be able to play online.


The code is open source here, and you can keep an eye on updates as they occur:

The code is very professional quality so far but as a one-man hobby project it can only go so fast - I expect to be playing on OCTGN until at least mid-2015. OCTGN has a lot of warts but I’m used to it now and thankful for all the work that went into it.

Of course mtgred may prove me wrong :wink: but hobby projects tend to slide when work, family, and similar come up and there are some pretty complicated interactions in A:NR.


Are there windows fanboys? Most of us use windows more out of convenience rather than loyalty to the almighty microsoft.