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Jinteki.net - Player Survey

Hi everyone,

just wanted to tell you that we at j.net are doing a player survey. Would be cool if all of you that play (or don’t play) on j.net would participate and tell us who you are and what is your opinion on j,net :wink:

Jinteki.net - Player Survey


Great survey. Gathered good information, made me think.

And it was really positive. Props to you.

A quick note: if you leave a question in the survey, also leave your mail address and I will maybe answer it :wink:

Ceremonious bump. Cause this is a really good initiative and everyone should vote.

I don’t have a google account so i can’t participate but i’d like to make an observation about statistics and matchmaking. I’ve largely been playing a lot of jank and experimental decks and less common play styles on jinteki.net. I rarely expect to win with these experiments and i rarely have, but i might at some point want to play more competitively with tried and tested decks. My statistics for my experiments would not reflect my competitive results, and vice versa, so i think such statistics are likely to be misleading unless the system was devised to differentiate between the different intentions of someones play.

Evil work overlords have blocked Google stuff, so I’ll leave this post here to remind myself to do it later!

No, I didn’t really need to share with the group, but I’m a giving kind of guy.

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Thank you, your generosity has not gone unnoticed.

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