Jinteki.net SHL Top 4 Stream - Today at 3pm eastern!

Jinteki.net Stimhack League Finals (for season one!!)

How many players? - Its a top 4!

Brought to you by Dr. Steve Brule (ya dingus)!

Time - Saturday, 1/16/16, at 3 pm eastern! (aka GMT -5)
Deck restrictions - Pre MWL. Thats right, the classic!
Format - Best of 3, with the higher seed choosing side for game 3 as needed.

Stream location - Twitch

Semi final matchups!

#1 Sumodo vs. #4 Bblum in a best of 3. With Sumodo picking side for third game.

#2 Dien vs. #3 TugtetGut in a best of 3. With Dien picking sides for third game.

Winners play in Best of 3. (Higher seed picks side for game 3).

Commentary by… me? yisssss? Maybe others if i can rope someone into it!

Hope to see you guys there!


why pre-mwl. This could have been a great chance to showcase some of the new meta.

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i did not run this league, and the vote was set to the players in the league

the argument being between new stuff, show off your deck building skills, and all that


play what you played thru the league, and have the finals reflect the league more accurately.

considering that MWL isnt even legal atm, i agree with the decision that was made. not my call either way, but i know the path to it and thats kinda the logic.


We might just have a mystery guest commentator for you guys. Get hype.

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Top 4 voted on it, and since MWL isn’t the tournament standards yet I required a majority vote. They voted 2-2, so its pre-MWL.

Thanks a bunch to bahram for streaming this today!

Good luck to Sumodo, Dien, Bblum and tugtetgut

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Will we get lists?
I want to know what makes that space camp magic work!!

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Ill try to get lists when i make a post about the VODs!