Jinteki.net Summer Tournament

Sign up here: http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/kWh8FUIIj8

Some discussion here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Netrunner/comments/3cq10y/jintekinet_summer_tournament_2015/

swiss format, 6 rounds, top 8 Championship Play. mtgred approved.


Is this the same thing as this: Jinteki.net Icebreaker Tournament?

If not, should both efforts be combined?

i didn’t see that before kicking this thing off, but i’d love for that to happen somehow. details pending.

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Not sure if I’m missing it, but what is your mechanism for deciding win/loss/tie in the case of unplayed matches?

Over the course of the tournament your going to have people dropout (and not tell you they’re dropping) because they lose interest 5 weeks from now, but you’re also going to have matches between people in US/Australia where it’s extremely hard to schedule matches, as well as normal scheduling conflicts.

There’s a decent chance you’ll have disputes, and you should have a method of settling them (take a screenshot of you on at the given time, somewhere to post you’re on and waiting at the schedule time, etc) that people know about ahead of time. What information a person should be expected to provide to not get a match loss for the round.

You should also probably give people a reminder about timezones and making sure you schedule in UTC or GMT or whatever (as well as making sure people know that “oh, we’re both active, I’ll play when I see you on” isn’t acceptable).

You should also be prepared to give match losses and d/q people for repeated unplayed matches if you don’t want this to take forever (actually keep to the 1 week limit).

Just some friendly advice from having organized/taken part in similar tournaments to this for other games.


thanks for the advice. definitely following stimhack’s lead on this one:

Non-responsive Opponents

If your opponent is non-responsive to scheduling requests, inform the TOs and continue to try to contact your opponent.

If your opponent continues to be non-responsive, you will be awarded an uncontested win and your opponent may be dropped from the Tournament. If two opponents both claim that the other is being non-responsive to the TOs, it will be interpreted as poor sportsmanship and both may be dropped from the Tournament.

Whats occurring? Why was check in cancelled?


huh, managed to not see this at all until just now, which is a shame

How can I contact my opponent? I checked, the username he uses for Challonge isn’t used in the Stimhack forums.

PM works on the site. Also could message him by doing @username in the discussion. I made a Reddit thread about it starting today as well, maybe try there too,

Thanks! Will try!

Had try to contact my opponent of the week, “pubwisom” for a couple of days with challonge mail, but no response so far. Will I have to set results as 2-0 for me if he doesnt show up ? I’m sure he will wake up at the last moment, when I’m not in front of PC, and report a win for himself )=

Check in was cancelled because too many folks were unable to do so.

We’re recommending folks try at least twice and send a screenshot to me on Challonge PM.

is there any hope for thoose on the waitlist? If people drop out in the first round?

I’m hoping this will encourage more competitive play on jinteki (in the sense of trying to win, not in the sense of being a jerk). It’s actually a pretty good exercise to look at the reddit threads where a newbie wants to know whether jinteki or OCTGN is better. It started out as “OCTGN for sure the way to go” to “it depends on your preferences, but jinteki has lots of unimplemented cards” to “jinteki is great, but its lag is worse than OCTGN” to now when it’s basically caught up to OCTGN completely.

Notably, though, in that recent OCTGN vs Jinteki thread, several people commented about how the quality of play on Jinteki was worse. That matches my experiences, where OCTGN feels more competitive and Jinteki is a lot jankier.

That said, I play online mostly for testing decks I’m building, so I’m part of the problem, there :wink:

I have been playing jinteki.net for a while, and though I would say the level of competition is probably better on octgn, jinteki.net has become much more competitive as more and more gets implemented. The easier it becomes to use, the more it seems to draw skilled players.

As far as I can tell, the only thing needed before it becomes strictly better in my opinion is mass-changing of credits, and the ability to swap ICE positions.

The level of competition is lower, yeah, but it’s better not to treat that as unchangable (not saying you are), or it will really be unchangeable.

I play on Jinteki.net exclusively now. It’s a lot easier to play on my Linux laptop and this means I rarely have to use Windows outside of work. I’m not writing the populace off :wink: But it seems true that Jinteki.net (these days) is a more varied group.

I would probably go back to OCTGN if there were a linux client for it, but for now there is really no need.

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