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Jinteki TV

Hey there!

Since I hit the magical number of videos (three) and got to comment on a game for the Stimhack League just today (@aphid vs @Jander), it’s time to get some more eyes on the playlist I’m putting together with randomly chosen games from jinteki.net that I get to spectate and comment on in real time. As with Netrunner, making these videos is a learning process, so expect glitches, technical issues, and randomness :wink:

Thanks for watching - don’t be shy and leave a comment.

Jinteki TV


Two of the videos in the playlist are private.

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Fixed! One was a test, the other was a reupload (with better audio). Thanks for noticing this! The YT settings come with icons the size of a needle’s eye for some features.


I love your username above that comment.

OT, I’ll give it a watch.

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So I watched a little. I don’t think it’s quite as interesting when you can’t get peeks at their hands like a live game or see the hands like on OCTGN. We can’t even see their accesses. The first game is without any context, as in what players, what decks, so play-by-play in itself isn’t as interesting as it would be in a tournament. So we can’t really follow their decision making because we don’t see the cards they see, and we don’t care who will win because it’s just a couple of random folks testing decks.

I don’t want to sound too harsh, but there are lots of casted games on youtube and many of them don’t have these problems. There’s nothing wrong with your production quality and casting voice. I just don’t know why I would watch these videos over tournament videos or just observing a game on Jinteki myself. Maybe cut back on the play-by-play and talk about their decision making. Or maybe cast your own games so you can talk through your own decisions. You need something more.

Anyway, I hope I don’t discourage you from working on it. I just want you to make sure you’re headed in the right direction.


First of all - thank you for taking the time to watch some of it - in the flood of quality Netrunner content out there, it’s always humbling when strangers do invest their time in taking a look at what I made.

Second of all - the best kind of criticism is constructive, and that’s what you have provided! I’ll definitely try to focus more on the “why?” of the plays, since the play-by-play is already visible on the screen, and should not be hard for the audience to figure out.

Thanks once more! More to come soon.

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Episode 4 landed: this time it’s the more-and-more-popular Chameleon Hayley facing off Weyland’s Consortium: BABW:

Episode 5 is up: Kate-Who-Does-Shaper-Things vs NBN’s Least Popular Identity Ever.

AKA @JacenBlare1 vs @Sumodo!

Featuring 14 minutes of waiting for people to agree to being recorded and the actual games to start :wink:

Episode 6, featuring MaxX behind her Turntable, going all Punk Rock over the smooth operators behind Sync: Bernice Mai and Keegan Lane.