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Jinteki's Neural Regeneration - Article on the Jinteki faction

The article is finally ready!

~Link to Article~

I talk about all things Jinteki and more specifically:

  • About Jinteki cards that are rotating and ones that are staying
  • Old and New Jinteki meta archetypes
  • How I personally tackled competitive through playing Jinteki
  • What I am trying out with the faction right now
  • My opinion on the changes and how they affect our favorite black tree faction
  • A little extra something in the end…

I took some extra time to make it as comprehensive as possible and also as noob-friendly as possible (at least for the first few parts). I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Remember that this is of course yet another opinion article.I am open to feedback but please do not take anything for a fact just because I mention my opinion on something.



That’s an interesting article. Very thorough!

One card I’m sad is leaving that you weren’t too sure was very important is ‘Clone Retirement’. I have been playing a fast advance kind of version of my PU deck for a while. I always had a ‘Biotic Labour’ influence splash to score ‘Philotic Entanglement’ for the kill, but with the release of ‘Shipment from Tennin’ it could become a pretty legitimate fast advance deck altogether. My agendas were 3 x ‘House of Knives’, 3 x ‘Chronos Project’, 3 x ‘Clone Retirement’, 3 x ‘Braintrust’, 1 x Philotic Entanglement’, 1 x ‘Global Food Initiative’ (the last one never got scored!).

In that kind of setup the copies of ‘Clone Retirement’ were crucial for being able to save FA tools for other things, turning off currents, removing agendas quickly that the Runner couldn’t score and to rush points quickly yourself to force risky runs (perfect for Jinteki). Without ‘Clone Retirement’ I think that deck is going to get critically slower and won’t be as easy to play. The interesting ideas for ‘Shipment from Tennin’ will probably be more directed towards “HB-style” two-pointer fast advance decks only I think. Going for spiky one-pointers and Philotic as your fast advance agenda suite will maybe have to fall back on shell games a bit more.

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For what it’s worth, I’ve been trying that style of FA out of Tennin Institute and unfortunately most games I make it to 6 points and just stall out. I’ve got 3 Trick of Light and 3 Shipment from Tennin, but putting those cards together with agendas and making it all come together 4 times in a game proves to be pretty unruly.

I think when the spoiled card Gene Splicer drops in the next data pack the strategy may have some legs again. If you don’t know it’s kind of a mini junebug (1 net per advance instead of 2) that you can score as a 1 pointer if it has 3 advancements on it.

You really need some kind of floating point in your deck to close that gap between 6 and 7 points. The only other options right now are An Offer You Can’t Refuse, Clones are not People (which would be great if it weren’t awkward to play on your FA turns), and maybe Public Support but that’s 3 influence and you have to protect it in a remote (kind of a non-bo with Tennin).

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