JNET Help!

Hi all.

Never had a problem loading Jnet games before this week, but my entire lobby seems wiped out and unable to load any games. I have tried refreshing, clearing cache/cookies, restarting and nothing seems to work.

See attached screenshot of what my screen looks like. I have also tried hitting the “Attempt Reconnect” button at the top of the screen, but no luck there either. That just appeared this week.

I have heard others have had trouble loading games lists, but not as persistent as what I’m experiencing.


Yeah, many people (including me) have this issue currently.
It has been discovered that double-clicking the “Attempt reconnect” button helps in most cases. There also is a bug report on github already. The server seems to be having trouble opening websockets, at the moment.


Thank you this worked for me!

I’ve found I get it less on Firefox than other browsers, but ymmv as always with these things… :frowning: