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Jumpstart tournament online starts Dec. 12

Join an online tournament starting Dec. 12 using random decks with some of the most iconic cards from Netrunner. Jumpstart is a new online game mode that generates random decks using cards from the original Core Set through Order & Chaos.

The cards themselves are part of the Reboot project, which revisits the classic cards to rebalance them. Did you like Account Siphon, but felt it was a bit too strong? Did you wish Exile had been a little better? Reboot is card pool for you.

Learn more about Jumpstart and sign up for this fun, informal tournament by visiting this page - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dT4rlmPWTEVfXEhv4UW_3pZudYJgA_u3ZMRYcbeK73M/edit

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Looking forward to seeing this meta explore new ideas!

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We have 12 players signed up. Come join us. Games start this weekend.

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