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Just Reminiscing

Wow, it’s been a while since I even logged into Stimhack.

I see some posts about new cards and tournaments. It looks like the NISEI project is still going! Good on them! I have to admit, I wasn’t sure if they’d pull it off. I don’t have anyone in my life anymore who plays, but how is that going? Are people having fun with the meta? How many cards have they developed by now?

And does anyone want to shoot the breeze about bygone days like old men?

My dream was to be a regional finalist, and I finally made it at the Kentucky regional, one of the very last FFG tournaments to be held. It was after the cancellation announcement! I played Sportsmetal–and this was one of the brand new cards, most people didn’t even have them yet, you’ll recall–but my qualifying match was against someone who had realized you could Shadow Net your way out of that deck, and packed one specifically to deal with me. But I outsmarted his outsmarting, specifically because I’d playtested harder than ever before for that tournament. I had packed a Best Defense! The look on his face when I blew up Shadow Net before he could get rid of any agendas…ah, everyone played well that day. Good way to go.


Hey there!

Thanks for sharing the anecdote, must have been a great day indeed :slight_smile:

Come on over to Green Level Clearance and find a lot of people chatting about the game and many other things around it - past, present, and future!

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Nice! Signing up.

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