Kala Ghoda release date Jan. 28

Big news! Here’s the link:


That’s huge news - actual street dates for FFG packs? No more rushing to whatever store happens to get their shipment in first? What is this madness!?

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Doesn’t affect me, I’m still catching up. Amazon!

They used to have street dates though and then they got rid of them, probably because it was difficult for them to enforce and stores would get them in at different times.

I’m just glad the date is so soon! I thought we were going to be another 3-4 weeks before we started the new cycle.

Will FFG be publishing dates for the rest of the cycle?

Sorry if that’s a noob question, I started playing overseas, where everything is hard to find or many months delayed.

Hey anyone guess #17 card?I thought it’s a neutral card but someone say it’s belongs to a mini corp faction,never heard about that,we only got 3 corp faction right?


Yeah, mini-corps aren’t a thing.

But they have merged with asmodee since then. And they are reducing the numbers of online retailers. Which makes things like this easier.

As someone who had one of the blazing fast distributors, this saddens me! :smile:

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Yep. They’ve been pushing a 4th corp mini faction since the core set but haven’t supported it much recently.


I doubt it, the leaks have had green cards. That doesn’t make sense. Shapers are green.

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Has anyone seen a full list of the cards yet, or are we still missing a few?

Four is Flatline has the most complete spoilers list I’ve found so far. So it looks like we’re missing 7 cards: two shaper, a criminal, and a neutral for runners, and a Jinteki, the Weyland card, and a neutral for corps.


Keep in mind that some of those faction pairings are just guesses. Still, it’s generally pretty accurate.


Every so often, you come across an Internet comment that makes the rest of the shit worthwhile.