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Kampala Ascendant Community Review and Meta Predictions (Corp)

Originally published at: https://stimhack.com/kampala-ascendant-community-review-and-meta-predictions-corp/

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I asked a expert what he thought about High-Profile Target.

His response:

I hope this doesn’t kill the existence of Tag-Me Decks, because I want to live The New Weyland Dream and land one of these puppies for like 20 damage on one of them.

Do we have a ruling that Mti Mwekundu works like everyone is thinking it works? If it does, I cannot see how it is not broken. Is any runner going to run an empty server before they have a killer out to break Komainu or Cortex Lock? I just hope that in practice it doesn’t play out the same way that it does in my head.

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I don’t see why it would work any other way, since that’s literally what the card reads. Either way, there’s no “ruling” yet, since it’s not officially out at this point. And yeah, I’ll faceplant a Komainu or a Cortex Lock if I think I’m getting a decent deal out of it. After all, the Corp only has so much money turn one, and can only surprise install so many ICE. So yeah, force them to play it and rez it turn one


The ability is also limited to once per turn.

My guess is that this identity will be strongest as a remote spam (i.e. Moon, Rashida) and/or rush deck. I’d expect that at a minimum it would run some amount of Komainu, Cortex Lock, Architect, and DNA Tracker (and possibly Anansi).

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How does the new ID work with Spear Fishing?

You just bypass it. The ID ability says you’re now approaching the newly installed ice, so there’s no timing confusion.

I misread White Flag: it’s 7 advancements and one click to score it as a 3-pointer. You can’t do the Mushin play I suggested, you probably want to use some amount of Dedicated Ceremonies.

you can bypass the innermost ice and if Mti installs a new innermost ice, you bypass that as well

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