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Kate and Noise--still alive? Readers want to know!

Just texting with a friend of mine. If Whizzard got exploded and Andy scattered to the wind(assuming that’s her in On the Lam), do we exactly know what happened to Kate and Noise?

My head canon demands answers. Will we ever see them advanced in age like Gabe and CT? Someone get Boggs on the phone, this stuff matters WAY MORE than things like “balance” and “clean templating.” ! :slight_smile:


I feel like the 4 runner fates are:
1: Corp gets you (whizzard)
2: You win (Andy)
3: You age out of the game
4: You get yourself.

So, say, Kate got a job and doesn’t have time to muck around anymore. Noise installed one virus to many and got Apex’d.


That’s exactly what he wants you to think! Everyone knows that was his Sacrificial Clone that died and not Noise himself!


Or maybe his Sacrificial Clone double-crossed him? :o Is that what “you get yourself” really means?


Kate got brain damaged and stop running? And Noise has grown up to be a model citizen and works at Weyland under the name Brian Stinson.

OH MAN. Please let Barney secretly be Noise. It makes sense, spending a few years at Titan Transnational to set up some elaborate prank. “Watch this…”

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Kate took over from The Professor after his unfortunate run-in with NBN.

Noise holed up on Mars in the aftermath of the clan unrest. Although the idea of him becoming Stinson… sweet :smiley:

Whizzard is being rebuilt by Apex as a construct from his online records, Dixie Flatline style ;).

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Whoa, where did The Professor have a run-in with NBN? Azmari’s Degree Mill?

The Professor working for Azmari fills my brain with head canon joy.

That’s so incredibly sad for him to go from the heights of Levy University (or perhaps San San U?) to a degree mill. I bet he’s got some graybeard stubble and has started drinking.


I forgot that the Prof was on this card. Well done!