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Kate & Val - the Queen is dead, long live the Queen

One of my main lines of retort when people talk about Kate or Val DLR being super-strong right now, is that either of them you can tech against, but trying to build your Corp to perform well is what makes the other seem stronger than it is. Add in Noise as the unofficial number three runner (along with other good stuff anarch deck, especially with Faust) and rush decks seem a dangerous gamble as your only win condition.

Is there a fourth option out there? As Corps align to defend against the above decks, what’s the next avenue of attack for Runners? Is there a chance for Criminal to sneak back in?

While we’re here – what’s the best Corp defence against the Kate / Val double header? Is there a common approach strong against both?


I think Criminal with a run economy is always threatening to be the dominate runner if the Corp techs for speed to beat Val and Kate. It’s a strong and well developed archetype that hasn’t done very well in the post-Clot meta because Corps glaciered up against Kate. If the Corps try to lighten/speed up in order to beat the current meta champs, Andy and Leela are waiting in the wings to snatch up some wins.


RP feels really in-control against both Kate and DLR decks of all kinds - especially the ones that cut Parasite.

Early Crisium + Booth on HQ and early Sundew behind gear-check go a long way against DLR, as does Pup, and RP was “the deck with the best Kate matchup” for months before Foodcoats even mounted a realistic challenge for the title.

If you think you can skill your way past a couple Noise in Swiss before they all lose to Foodcoats, I think it’s a great choice.