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Keyflower KS - looking for shipping help

I have just backed the Keyflower reprint campaign (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/gamesalute/keyflower-is-awesome) to get the Pig Shelter promo (as I think it may be hard to get it in Europe if you don’t go to Essen). The problem is that they don’t ship to Europe. So I’m looking for someone from USA willing to help me by giving their address as shipping address and once the promo arrives resending it to me (of course I’ll cover all shipping costs). The promo is scheduled to ship around November.

I can help. PM the details.


I pbb could pick it up at Essen for you, if the shipping doesn’t work out

hope its not too much offtopic :smile:

i got a question about shipping costs from usa. i found this: http://www.wholesalegaming.biz/wars/ first deal is awesome: Wars TCG 2 Booster Box & 6 Starter Deck Lot for 20$. still total order costs and shipping to my country is about 200$ (ups) or 100$ (us postal or something). is it really that expensive?

I shipped a playmat to France for a stimhacker and it was $35 USPS in a little cardboard tube. I think it took 2 or 3 weeks just to get there.

sad news. thanks for confirmation.

I shipped playmats to Canada/USA for under 5 Euros. White bubble enveloppe, no track and trace. Never had any problems shipping that way.

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The campaign has ended and it turns out I need not only a shipping address to fill the pledge manager, but also a phone number (needed by delivery agent). @Slakker offered to help me but he’s offline for a week and I can’t get his phone number. Is there anyone else who could step in? :slight_smile: I’d need your shipping address (in USA), phone number and later your paypal details to refund shipping from your place to me.