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Kitchen Table Netrunner - Podcast

No worries! Its much better than a couple of other ‘DIY’ podcasts I listen to. Especially if you’re recording actually in your kitchen on a smartphone. You’ve generally done really well to balance the volume of the two speakers. It was mainly Nicole’s reaction to Magnum Opus getting rotated that made my ears wince :smile:

Sorry about the gap - babies and podcasting don’t mix! Stealth, Regionals, and Creation & Control are all up for discussion today (or whenever you happen to listen to this).


In the depths of the competitive season, we’re back to talk about Regionals, preparing for Nationals/Worlds, the Stimhack Online Cache Refresh 10 tournament, and an interview with NISEI lead web developer Ian Witt, who was kind enough to visit us in the Rose City and talk about his work.


Hey we’re back and trying a shorter episode format to stay topical. We’re covering all the excitement from the 7 new Uprising cards and the MWL changes.