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Kitchen Table Netrunner - Podcast

Hey everyone,

My wife and I finally decided our love for Netrunner outweighs our inexperience with creating content, so we’re launching a podcast we’ve been talking about for months - Kitchen Table Netrunner. What better time than now as the game is entering this new phase of life!

Who might want to listen to this? Anyone who wants to talk to other people about Netrunner more than they have the opportunity to, and who is feeling a gap in their soul with all the wonderful existing podcasts winding down, might want to give this a shot. Also people who love Netrunner and aren’t yet great at it, this is a podcast at your level.

I would love to hear any feedback. Most notably, I have basically no idea what I’m doing as far as the audio and hosting side of podcasting, and I’m trying to improve. For example, expect music intros eventually. At the moment our only computer is a Chromebook, which seems like it might be terrible for editing and mastering audio. We’re willing to spend some money to create a better setup, so if any of you have experience that goes beyond what a quick Google search would reveal, I’d love your advice. Hopefully that doesn’t lower the bar on expectations too far.

Happy listening!

KTNR episode 1


Also if anyone can guide me on how to do that cool block link thing that all the good podcasts do, I would seem like less of a scrub.

So the first thing I think I noticed is the white noise in the background that the mic is picking up. I suspect it’s a microphone issue. I don’t know enough about audio or recording equipment to say definitively. :frowning:

Next thing I think about is Editing. You might want to go back through and edit down the pauses or gaps in conversation.

Other than those two things, the audio was fine, surprisingly. It sounds like you’re using one microphone to record with, so getting the same volume from both participants was good.

Little disappointed in the non-competitive viewpoint, pretty noticeable with Watch the World Burn evaluation… Card’s completely nuts against CtM. Planned Assault helps with the 1/deck thing, too. But I mean, it’s called Kitchen Table Netrunner. Competitive content is not expected. :smiley:

Congrats on 12 years of marriage tho :smiley:

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Will definitely have a listen. Just one thing I noticed though - the episode title says “Magus Opus” rather than Magnum Opus. Dunno if maybe that’s intentional and will make sense once I listen. :slight_smile:

Love folks who put content out into the world–I actually view it as an incredibly vulnerable and brave thing to do.

Will take a listen and give some thoughts. Having seen other 'casts grow and “find their footing” is always a neat thing to watch and be a part of.

  1. Audio issues, both base quality and editing, are things I’d definitely like to improve. I feel totally confused, not about individual pieces of gear, but about how to create a decent audio ecosystem. I get the vibe that Blue Snowball + MacBook + Garage Band is the next meaningful notch above recording on my phone, but I haven’t owned an Apple computer in 20 years. Advice welcome.

  2. Typo feedback also welcome, that one got past the editor.

  3. As/if we get better, the podcast will be more competitive. This is a goal of mine, as I’d love to have broader appeal (and win more often). I haven’t spent enough time thinking about CtM (though they occasionally haunt my nightmares, and the thread here this week has helped), and while I did see the appeal there I didn’t grasp the card pool enough to think of the Planned Assault synergy overcoming the one per deck issue. Thanks for the criticism, and look forward to us missing other important interactions in the future.

  4. Also people are serious when they say this community is the best. 2018 is a hard time to put content on the internet and have a good time, and this has been really encouraging. Thanks for all the feedback so far!


My spouse has virtually no understanding of Netrunner, other than it causes me to burn food because I try to get in “one more Jnet” while cooking, and that it’s expensive (“was expensive,” I’d argue) but keeps me mostly docile and out of trouble.

Well done for giving it a shot as a couple. I bet you learn a lot about your partner when you sit down after dinner and they go “I’ve always wanted to try Potential Unleashed.”



It wasn’t on Overcast so I downloaded the PodBean app, but I’ll give it a listen. I’m always up for another Netrunner podcast.

We made a second episode! Thanks especially to the people on this thread. The feedback helped push us to take the audio quality more seriously, get some music licensed, and spend a lot more time working on production.

This episode has the Runner side of our Core 2019 review, plus a roundup of the news and play stories, and a partial review of Terminal Directive (the campaign).

This is also on iTunes now, and should be on Google Play soon.


Yay it’s on Overcast now! I subscribed.

Edit: Yay I got referenced! The sound quality is much better and you both sound more confident (not sure if that’s because of the sound quality or just you being more comfortable). Can’t wait for episode 3!

Any spoilers of the campaign in the TD section?

No, we were intentionally vague. It’s basically at the level of “things change with the basic mechanics as the campaign progresses”. Overall we were recommending people try it if they haven’t, so we tried to preserve the experience.

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Episode 3 - it’s real, don’t believe the rumors! This time we finish our Terminal Directive Review and talk about the Corp changes in Core 2019.

In addition to the link, it should be available on most podcast distribution systems under “Kitchen Table Netrunner” - let me know if yours is excluded.


Not even 2019 could stop us from publishing Episode 4! We’ve played System Core decks for a couple of weeks and aren’t afraid to share our opinions, plus we talk about the NISEI Q1 GNK, and our upcoming event where people will vie for its prizes.


Finally got around to catching up - you both definitely sound a lot more comfortable after getting a few episodes under your belt :grin:

Kudos on coming up with a pun that made me :man_facepalming: too, that’s pretty impressive…


Episode 5 is here, including discussions about the Core format in advance of NISEI’s online Core Tournament this weekend. Come take a listen!


Episode 6 has arrived! This edition features a retrospective on the best cards from the Lunar cycle, and why Nasir is better than all the rest put together.


Episode 7 is here - catch our thoughts on Downfall, the Portland Store Champs, and Netrunner pottery (link in show notes).


New subscriber here - only just started playing the game and will probably play more ‘kitchen table’ than competitively - so welcome the none competitive angle also. I’m only 2.5 episodes in, so perhaps you’ve dealt with this in future episodes - but perhaps you could record in a room in your house that is a bit less ‘echoey’, and also perhaps not suddenly shout/scream because it can be a bit much if you are a listener on headphones.

All in all, thanks for starting and look forward to catching up and listening on release.

Thanks for the feedback! That’s the most detailed comment I’ve ever heard on the audio. I’ll be interested in your thoughts on Episode 7, where we got a new microphone.