Late comer, what to invest in first?

I had the old original Netrunner before FFG acquired the license and just bought the core set. Currently I just play with a friend casually but may try to play at some local stores if I find any with active players. That said do I try to buy the older stuff first or do I buy the newer stuff and work my way backwards or go an entire different route.

Looking for any suggestions on expanding the cards in the set. We’ve only played a handful of games with the core and are already realizing how limited that is and I don’t want to invest in the older stuff it it’s not used and I don’t want to invest in the newer stuff if I need the older stuff first.

Alt art eli’s

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Did we need thread #23,817 of this question? I thought #23,816 answered it sufficiently.

Snark aside, the Reddit buy guide is pretty good for the first two cycles. However it’s hard to suggest which packs to start with without knowing which decks you want. The packs you want to get if you plan on building a jinteki kill deck are not the same as the ones you want if you’re building an NBN FA deck.

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The reddit buy guide is pretty bad. After all, everyone has different opinions. I reccomend Green Level Clearence reviews on Amazon. Those are usually good.

The four big boxes will always be tournament legal, so they might be a good long term investment. None of the packs have rotated out yet and there are still cards played from many old packs but that is subject to change within about 2 years I think?


Buy the worlds champion decks and go from there


You can just play what you like with your friend. If there is one thing that is a must I 'd say the pack “opening moves” for the card Jackson Howard. He is a must for all Corp decks.

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Opening Moves for Jackson Howard should be a high priority. He goes into every corp deck because he fixes the issue of agenda flood.

The deluxe boxes will never rotate out so these should also be high priority. Each deluxe features one runner faction and one corp faction (except Data and Destiny which is NBN and introduce 3 new runner mini-factions).

Kala Ghoda is the newest data pack and Business First comes out on the 10th (in the USA, might be different if you’re located elsewhere). I would recommend purchasing both and staying up to date with the game.

Once all that is done you’ll have a very good idea of what factions you like best. Then you can look at what cards are in each of the past data packs for cards that will help you out and pick and choose at your leisure.

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Definitely 2-3 core sets, all the big boxes. After that start from Mumbad and Sansan cycle and work your way down.

Buy the packs the have Faust, David, Wyldside and Adjusted Chronotype. Nothing else matters right now :wink:

Wyldside is in the core set

Dont listen to this gentleman. He’s being facetious due to the state of the current metagame.

You have probably heard that there will be a rotation. By buying the core sets, big boxes and latest three cycles you can wait until World Championship decks to come out to get the other staples.

If you want the best packs from the first two cycles I’m confident that What Lies Ahead, Opening Moves and Future Proof are best bets to get into competitive play early.


Yeah I would get a core set and each of the 4 big box expansions, and the one with Jackson (Future Proof?)

There are already a number of cool competitive builds out of just those options.

This question comes up a lot and whilst it is logical for people to have plans to slowly build their collection for the most part the vast majority go ‘all-in’ very soon after, because lets face it, the game is that good that you will give up all other board games very soon after you start playing.

With that in mind I would suggest playing with friends cards and/or on to see if you enjoy it, and bid on ebay for an entire collection if you do like it - its far more cost effective in the long run.

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After the first core set the two most logical buys are Opening Moves (for Jackson Howard) and the first deluxe box because it has so much useful (especially for the runner) cards inside.

After that - buy what you like. If you like the game, which most people do, you will end up owning everything sooner or later )