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Latest Spoilers from Honor and Profit!

Fast Track is 0 cost! Crazy.


Overmind… must… find a way… to cheat power counters on to it :).

Fast Track at 0 is amazeballs. No wonder that executive is smirking at us! :).

I like these cards.


So with MRF you get a net gain of 4c while the runner gains 3… nah

I’m thinking a Test Run/Scavenge/CC E3 Overmind deck for all the Timmies out there.

It wouldn’t have hurt for Fast Track to cost 4c. Being free is insane.

Don’t see the point of Rainbow considering anything breaks it.

I guess rainbow is there to tax the runner? I wish it were str5 or cost 2 or something.


I feel like at the very least cost 2 was correct. As it is right now there is no reason not to just play Bastion or Wall of Static over this.

Rainbow is pretty useless. It should cost less and/or have higher str.

Medical research gains usefulness in a closed account deck. Use that twice and then close accounts if they are tagged? Otherwise it’s pretty bad giving an opponent free clickless money. Having 1 influence means Closed Account NBN might take it.

Overmind seems ok. CT puts it out with 4 if it’s the first program. It’s not terrible, at least lets you facecheck for a bit without worrying about sentries. Actually… With Inazuma, I like this a lot more. You need more than a sentry breaker now and this is better than crypsis for the most part. Shapers like to scavenge this over and over. I think that it could even help with the Kate Blitz deck theory? I think I could see this being useful.

Fast track is just stupid good. Being a non double, 0 influence, and 0 cost is huge. CI decks will absolutely love this. I can see a lot more HQ defense and skimp on R&D in a variety of decks with this. Also lets you get past a R&D lock. Really amazing.

Coherence chip is… I dunno. power shutdown nails it for free, possibly breaking your rig. Trashing a program trashes it… Eh, I don’t like it. Also, anti-synergy with too many cards like Scavenge, Aesops etc… You also can’t replace a program with another without losing this. At best it’s aesops food, but I would rather have other 0 cost things in my deck. Terrible card.


Don’t forget, Q-chip also bites the dust if you use SMC, faerie, parasite, sharpshooter, deus ex… yeah, it looks pretty bad.

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I overlooked that the Q-chip dies when the runner overwrites or scavenges too. Yikes! That’s terrible.

Yeah, at least Bastion gear-checks and continues to tax, for 1c.

Fast Track is also GREAT at fetching out your unique agendas. The spoiled Jinteki one, as well as Director Haas Pet Project. Really excited to see that kind of play. I think Jinteki will really like this. I will pull brain trust into my hand, and then reclamation order 3 snares back as well. Have fun!


Would I be correct in assuming that the MU on Deep Red would still count as unused MU even if they are reserved for a special purpose?

“So with MRF you get a net gain of 4c while the runner gains 3… nah”

It would be 5c and 6 with BABW. Very good for Program-trash Weyland :smiley:

And @Nightmare588: Yes, FFG mentioned this in their announcement.

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No, 4c (5 with BABW). Reason being that you have to compare playing the card to clicking for money. Ergo, 1c versus 8-3; a 4 credit net gain. That’s not factoring click to draw or that you’re using up deckspace for simplicity’s sake.

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I think Overmind is good for Shapers generally since they have tutors, but have more late game oriented breakers. It’s particularly good with Test Run (though perhaps sub-optimal) and it doesn’t trash itself, so you call Scavenge or Pawn it for value. I definitely think this let’s them be more aggressive.

Fast Track is good. I like it best in NBN, since Astroscript is so good, but Hostile/Atlas are very strong as well. Posted Bounty in Scorched builds. Jinteki, I think will be a fan as well, since it let’s you control trap timing much better, even though the trap is the same/worse, timing, I find is the most important thing. HB, I’m kind of meh on. Certainly, there is nothing wrong with it there, it just feels more the same.

I think Q-coherence is good for what it does. Generally, I don’t think the drawback is important or can’t be dealt with. Not sure where it’d go though.

I think Medical Research Fundraiser is fine. A Corp credit is worth more than a Runners. It’s not amazing, but I could see it replacing Green Level Clearance in my Weyland builds.

I think overmind would make an interesting single breaker recursion deck possible. Maybe parasites to compliment it, but I could see it being pretty good with shapers.

However, I strongly disagree with Medical Fundraiser. Giving credits for free to an opponent just seems so terrible 95% of the time. Assuming runner and corp are both clicking for cash, or having opus/private for 2 credits per click. You are only netting a gain of 2 from the runner. That doesn’t including using a click to use it, or to draw. I just think it’s terribly inefficient. I can see it being used pretty much in unison with closed accounts, but that is about it.

Rainbow has a kinda cool synergy with Unorthodox Predictions, but I don’t think that’s enough to save it. Unfortunately it would probably be too good for 2 cost or 5 strength. At least the flavor text acknowledges that it’s bad?

Fast Track is totally crazy if you score Astro in a SanSan. Scoring Astro in a SanSan is of course great already, but yeah.


Seeing Fast Track makes me wonder whether all decks will be playing at least one of

  1. The Source
  2. Nerve Agent
  3. HQ Interface x2
  4. Legwork x2

…and whether just one of those options will be enough, really :smile:

If all the runner needs is cash, then you’ve probably already lost. Besides, Grim and Hostile Takeover give far more credits to the runner and are far better for the runner, but are Core to many builds. 3 credits is nothing compared to being able to rez Tollbooth or whatever.

Why do you consider HQ access a counter to Fast Track? I feel like, aside from useful 1 for 3s, it somewhat defeats the purpose to let the agenda sit in hand. I’m not saying that it’s always the wrong play, but I feel often, the agenda will be install rather than held.

If the corp used this, gave me 3 dollars, and then I facecheck into trollbooth, how is that a gain for the corp. The runner lost 1 click, you lost 3 (5 from the card 3 of your own) in order to rez something. Now, my economy isn’t hurting any more, and I know what breaker I need. If you needed this card to rez Trollbooth, you are most likely broke again.

Giving 3 credits to a runner enables lots of things. Assuming best case scenario, they are at 0 dollars. They can now credit, credit, gamble, run/inside job/siphon etc… Before it would be an entire turn later. 3 credits lets them use Lucky Find (Not that I think that card is worthwhile). They can easy mark, gamble, install breaker, run through something. They can install desperado and start running. They can take 1 and sneakdoor twice.

Giving money to the opponent is generally a bad thing. I can’t see where gaining 5 credits is ever worth using a click, a card, and giving the opponent free money (Outside of closed accounts shenanigans. Surely you have a solid deck now, what would you replace to add this? Another econ card? Ice? Even if it gave a net gain of 7 credits (Cost 3, gives 7) I would be hard pressed to give the runner just to put me in restructure mode. I would rather at that point, cred, cred, hedge and get to 9 without giving my opponent free psuedo accesses.