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Legend of the Five Rings


Coming from Austria and at dance partys it is our tradition to bow and make some gestures, so when experiencing something like that at my first L5R tournament I thought it was pretty funny, considering that most card events are pretty plain and focused on the competitive side of things. When I first heard the chanting I thought it was pretty strange, but then I saw all the happy exprecions on the faces of participating men and women and I thought to myself “Who I am to judge” and simply enjoyed the inclusivness I witnessed from people I have never met before.

After aproximatly 30 games of L5R 2.0 I have to say that a lot of design flaws from the first game were removed. There are a lot of decisions in the game with grave consiquences, but boards are usually not that big, because characters have a expiration date. You also don’t have extreme blow outs, because characters don’t die when losing a conflict. I personally get a lot more enjoyment out of L5R than I currently get from AGoT and Netrunner.


Oh hey, a beta for the RPG is coming out next week.


Organized Play just dropped a massive info-dump about Worlds/Winter Court and Kotei season.


The only new news here to me is, they replaced the Banzai chant. Which is nice!





Really happy to see they are changing the chant, I hope the community is supportive. Good job, FFG.


toot toot


The Imperial Cycle is going to be coming out at a accelerated rate to get the game’s card pool up and running.


Wow, that’s fast. Six packs in six weeks! That seems like a really good idea since l5r players are used to a large cardpool.


I bought and flipped a core for this game because I was anticipating that stale 1/2 a year when the core meta is established (which it kind of has already) and slowly evolves.

This is a game changer for me. I will have to see how the first two packs look before I pull the trigger on trying to get back in.


I have the same situation. I was thinking about buying cores and play L5R as a second LCG because start is usually slow. I also like the slow drip of cards/costs of LCGs. Now I have to pay about 250€ for cores and 6 packs right from the beginning. I understand that this can be great for the active L5R players but I am going to pass the whole game now. Playing 2 LCGs is too just too expensive and playing two makes me feel a bit exploited by FFG.

Also news doesn’t imply that this would be “6 month of releases” so I expect 2nd cycle or deluxe on January. Would be weird to have 6 month pause after these and kill the hype because next cycle would come around summer 2018. At least this and new core explains the delays of Netrunner.


Well, we know they print the entire cycle of cards all at once, so this has always been possible. Very interesting decision to speed up their release process for L5R though.


I think it’s really smart. I’m a serial LCG player (Netrunner, Thrones, Arkham, LotR, Doomtown, Ashes if we’re counting that…) and the worst time to be playing, for me, is that post-launch period where the card pool is tiny and the deck building options are extremely limited.

I didn’t start enjoying Thrones until about two cycles in and decks stopped being some variation on “good stuff”. I still don’t like Arkham as much as I want to because the player card pool is small. Accelerating through that staid launch period is a great idea.


Finally got around to trying L5R. Seems like the heart of the game is “take that” card play. Made me appreciate Netrunner more.


Tournament regulations are finally out.

Some interesting stuff in the Going to Time procedures.


I just played a couple games of l5r with a friend; wow, this game is brain-burny. Any tournament of decent length would feel like a marathon. I think l5r might be even more skill-intensive than netrunner.


New preview, looks to be from Tears of Amaterasu based off the card number… Phoenix spell: Embrace the Void.


11/9 is the official US release date for Tears of Amaterasu. So yeah, right after Worlds we enter PACK MADNESS.


Looks to be a preview from the second pack, For Honor and Glory. Crab Event: Raise the Alarm


Story prize and fiction for Worlds is up.


I like the 6 packs in 6 weeks so far. l5r core has very restrictive deckbuilding and so far feels like the least positive out-of-the-box experience (not counting thrones 1.0).


Oh right, I’ve been way out of keeping the thread up to date.

The first Clan Pack got announced for Phoenix today, which seems to be like a mini-Deluxe (28 new cards, 25x3 copies, and 3xsingles: the new stronghold, role card, and something else… probably province), but themed around a specific faction.

Figured it might be of interest. Wonder if they’d consider doing something like this for the other games… like, say, a pack focused around the ANR D&D runners…