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Legend of the Five Rings


I’m always happy to see FFG experimenting with the LCG format. If this works out for L5R, I don’t see a reason why it couldn’t work for us! Releasing a cycle of faction packs would provide pretty cool after-core purchase paths for new players, I think?


Nice to see that Phoenix clan is getting a phoenix.

Hope this foreshadows Unicorns getting a unicorn.


Organized Play info’s finally officially up. There’s two kits. First, the Battle for the Stronghold event kit.


And then the seasonal/quarterly Season One Stronghold Kit. Contents can be used over three months to run either a monthly Dynasty league for that month, or a full-blown Conflict Tournament.


The Seasonal kits also have support for a single extra event that changes every kit, this time it’s the Stronghold Showdown.

Also mentioned in the Stronghold Kits are Patronage cards for Stores to hand out for people who buy product in their store. (This kit’s one is a extended-art Wandering Ronin, changes every season.)

There’s also Reinforcement Packs that stores can get to add in support for more players.

Also figured this is worth mentioning, since according to Asmodee reps this is a pilot for how they’re going to do OP for other games in the future. Large kits that support multiple events for the quarterly kits, and then special kits for special events.


What do you think the “faction pack” distribution method says about FFG’s eventual handling of issues like rotation and restriction/ban?

Although buying the Netrunner big boxes was quite exciting for me as I got into Netrunner (“look at all the cards”) I think over time they’ve become a bit of an albatross, with Creation & Control largely reflecting a bygone era and Terminal Directive simply reflecting—for some people at least—a very expensive set of IPOs.

I would have loved to see FFG make design decisions that supported the contents of the big boxes more, making thrm more value rather than less over time, and they have admittedly done that in some cases (advanceable ice from Order & Chaos is “better” now with Priority Construction, Red Planet Couriers, et al).

Faction packs that are not specifically evergreen (more cyclical?) seems like a lower-risk way of making some mistakes in thhe card pool, or being able to correct balance issues…

How are L5R players responding to faction packs?