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Legend of the Five Rings


And of course there’s the article. Masters of Deception.


The amount of nope is high with this one.


Album with what looks to be most of the rest of the missing cards.


The fiction for the vote results from last night is up.


NRDB’s sister site FiveRingsDB is starting to fire up, their deckbuilder is online. It’s still very beta, though. You can’t save or export decks currently.



It’s on the Other Games board, yo


Start banzaihack.com then


to the guy (and his team) thank you very much


First Imperial Cycle pack officially announced (with previews): Tears of Amaterasu.


New fiction: In the Garden of Lies (Part 1).


has anyone read the new susd review of l5r? i havent had a chance to play the game yet, but to me the review seemed really honest (both with the games merits and its faults) so i wanted to hear what you guys think


I deeply trust Quinn’s reviews since SeaFall. I started the game after watching his review and thought “Nah, that is fun. I don’t know what he is complaining about”. Three games later I had the exact same feeling.
If he writes that L5R is “slow and rewarding on a cerebral level. It’s like chess” then I’m out. And I won’t dive into a game that is so sloppy with historical facts and white-washes asian characters. Not appealing at all.
I cancelled my pre-order.

  1. With some editorial research, that “Banzai” stuff could have been avoided simply by using some fantasy “huzzah” battle cry. I’m a western white guy and did not know about the background of this not-so-harmless shout, too - but obviously a lot of people are offended by it. That is no witchhunt train I’m jumping on. I just don’t want to get into a game where I have to shout something at a tournament that makes some people uncomfortable.
  2. Western people in fancy asian cloths: No immersion for me. Too pseudo.
  3. Slow and heavy gameplay: Not my cup of tea.

  1. check your facts: http://www.homejapan.com/japanese-words-1
  2. I look at the card spoilers and see about 90% asian faces, I have no clue what you’re talking about
  3. that may or may not be true, in any case, everyone has to decide that for himself


The point of Banzai being troublesome is not how the japanese perceive it, but how the East Asian countries they invaded during WW2 perceive it (hint: really badly).

Living in the UK calling someone a ‘right c***’ isn’t a particularly strong insult, but its still right to moderate the usage online because there are a lot of places where that word has much greater negative weight.


To be honest, most Germans I talk to (and myself) directly associate “Banzai” with kamikaze pilots. So it’s definitely not just an East Asian thing, although I suppose we don’t have as many negative feelings associated with it.

Edit: [quote]I look at the card spoilers and see about 90% asian faces, I have no clue what you’re talking about[/quote]

Just looking at the cards starting with “A”, I can find three clear examples of people looking “not Asian” to me, with a few more being debatable.





You associate “Banzai” with kamikaze pilots because you grew up in a country which gets their cultural input directly from the U.S. via entertainment products and you saw a series or a film somewhere which depicted a Japanese Pilot as an insane kamikaze which howled as his last word: BANZAI and that’s it. That actually sounds pretty much like racial stereotyping.

As for the pictures…Ignatius Tan did the last one, great artist from Hong Kong. I’m pretty sure his all in on this white washing stuff…


Why are you dismissive of the experiences of Asian people for whom this word has extremely strong negative connotations?

I can fully accept that there are people for whom it’s a perfectly innocuous word. That’s irrelevant.


Because the game is made for the western market by an American based company? It’s not like hundreds of American average joes invade Korean boardgame stores and yell the phrase.

Some people will be offended in one way or another and frankly I don’t like to be restricted by the modern moral inquisition on their high horse talking down on me because I dare to think that there are better social fights to fight than over a fantasy card game with a cheesy tournament tradition.


Good thing there aren’t any people of Asian descent living in the West and playing card games there, I guess.