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Let us explore your inner potential... Jinteki: Potential Unleashed thread


For the love of god people, have a way of winning if you must include museum of history in your deck. Don’t just wait for the game to end, you are just giving the runner more time to tap your centrals and play the odds. Have some kind of actual gamewinning threat that gets the runner moving (into your net damage).


Allele Repression is great with Grail, you don’t have to necessarily keep your ice in HQ with it. That’s potentially a game changer if you’re playing aggressively.


Does anyone know how cards like Psychic Field and Chetana are interpreted for the purpose of PU? They read “Do 1 net damage for each card in the runner’s grip” which I’d love to interpret as multiple instances of net damage because they don’t read" “Do X net damage where X is the number of cards in the runner’s grip,” but I haven’t been able to find a ruling anywhere and it sounds too good to be true…


They each do 1 instance of X Net damage, so they would mill 1 card from PU’s ability.

Komainu is still X subroutines of 1 next damage, so if all of the subs fired, it would mill X cards.


Sorry Bubba, just to clarify… in the case that Psychic field hits, say, a 4-card grip, you also mill 4 cards from the stack? Or do you clear the hand and do only 1 mill regardless?


Clear the hand and mill 1 card regardless of hand size for both Psychic Field and Chetana.


Cool, thanks!


For what it’s worth Philotic Entanglement is in the same boat: one batch of damage.


After a strong showing at Worlds, I’m hoping we may be able to get one of the #Comrads to post one of their PU decklists with a brief explanation of their gameplan.


Yeah, I was really surprised to see PU in the cut and how strong it was.


If you watched Dan on stream he pretty much gave the blueprint. To me it looked like knowing wilfy had feedback filter and levy he did his best to put wilfy to the test before he could set up. A lucky or unlucky mill in the first few turns depending on your rooting interest could have swung the game in his favor.

the overall strategy is “the deck of your enemy is your enemy”. Encourage runs. They turn on neural,Hokusai accesses, breached dome accesses, snares which in turn put key cards in the runners deck at risk from being arked. This means leaving HQ uniced and wampin away your agendas. Using obokata to eat huge chunks of the runners deck not necessarily for the points. An epic metric ton of recursion to ensure all damage threats are constantly live. The thing you don’t want is the runner not running. You don’t really want them tutoring for a full breaker suite and clicking for credits and not drawing.

Luckily for the field bioethics was restricted or I think runners would have been pulled in very different directions with CI and PU . Bioethics was the perfect card to ensure the runner cannot not durdle and gave more chances to just end the game with a key ark lockdown leading into the corps turn.


I was too, particularly given how quickly this thread was dismissed.

I think the biggest factor is Levy being on the restricted list, runners can no longer casually add one copy of Levy to their list. The only runner that are running Levy right now are Geist and MaxX, both of whom need to aggressively go through their decks to maintain their game.

At any rate, I got a copy of one list in slack and copied it into my NRDB:


That’s a great point. There were also some Hayley decks with Levy too though.


just the world champ Heyley deck…


Shipment From Tennin really encourages this as well. If the runner doesn’t run even for one turn, the corp can score a House Of Knives from hand. It is just another card to keep the pressure on the runner to be more aggressive than they want to be.


It seems like it might be good to try and eke out a couple card slots for a Best Defense and a Shattered Remains. Best Def can target SoTs to make Levy a chancier thing, and Shattered Remains can potentially end games vs Feedback Filter. the issue with Shattered, though, is that other than it, you’re not really trying to advance any cards in front of the runner. It could be used to bait out a Clot, though, pretending it’s an agenda that you were going to SfT, so that might make it more playable. Either way, it seems like it might be worth a slot.


If the Levy already needs SoT to fire, then Ark Lockdown will hit that straight out of archives anyways. An advancable trap could be fun


There are the times when Levy hits Archives on the runner’s turn from taking damage on a run and getting knocked off of R&D, and in this case could only be fored from SoT without Lockdown interaction, but you do have a good point. It might be that the cases where this happens are few enough not to warrant a card slot.


There are versions of the basic strategy that use Mushin to set up kills or change up the dynamics. Those decks could use Shattered Remains, but they already include Cerebral Overwriter to do the same thing by forcing the FBF trash. Plus the Hayley decks all have SacCon for Clot and Tapwrm, so they’d be able to save against SR trashes.


Not only are they aggressive, but they also bin stuff quickly. I tried a similar PU against Geist and Ark Locked something like 4 or 5 Spy Cams. Even with 2 Levy, that takes out 8-10 hit points. MaxX tends to build around mostly 3 ofs, so she’s equally vulnerable to value Ark Lock.