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Let's talk about Peacock

I’ve been playing a Leela deck for a while with the “standard” 2 Rex and 1 Passport, but with RP and other decks running more code gates than other ice types, I’ve become more concerned with running out of Rex tokens. I started looking at ZU.13 Key Master/Gordian Blade, but influence is tight. So I decided to figure out how Peacock compares to the other common Criminal code gate breakers against the code gate ice I’m seeing most commonly.

My takeaways from looking at this:

  1. Passport really isn’t all that great (saves 2c on Enigma/Yagura)
  2. Peacock really isn’t any worse than ZU.13 other than 2c more to install
  3. Peacock breaking Tollbooth for the same cost as Gordian Blade and Lotus field for only 1 credit more is pretty good.
  4. Peacock does quite poorly against the multiple subroutine code gates (Enigma/Yagura), and this is where Rex shines

So, I’m wondering if a list using 2 Rex for the small multi-sub code gates and 1 Peacock is a good meta call. Let me know your thoughts. Convince me that Peacock is still bad.


I think the games where Rex and Passport will somehow not serve your needs will be few and far between, if at all. I played a decent amount of Leela and it was never an issue. I mean, Power Shutdown might do you dirty once in awhile, but Leela also has Inside Jobs and Emergency Shutdowns, maybe Femme–it shouldn’t be an issue. Stick with RexPort.

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I’m a believer in Peacock. I run 1 in my Gabe build as well as a Passport for central pressure. Without recursion, Peacock is really the only sensible choice for a remote code gate breaker within faction. And I’ve found that if I generate enough econ, I’m not hurting to break through the multi sub code gates. It is pricey, but if you dedicate a good portion of your deck to fuel the expensive runs, Peacock is actually a solid breaker.

this is the only part I blatantly disagree with. Enigma is everywhere, so downplaying the importance of double the break cost of this super-common and cheap to rez ICE is a bit off the mark.

1c saving vs. lotus field and quandary (the next most common Code Gates that you actually want to break and not just parasite/femme/avoid like tollbooth) isn’t a small thing either.

the other clear weakness is poor synergy with datasucker - zu.13 is expensive to use on most ice due to its low base strength, but a lot of decks end up with nothing better to spend tokens on, so he gets a lot better, while peacocks 2c/sub never gets better.

TLDR; I think you’re better off with passport+peacock rather that rex+peacock. It’s not the worst as a remotes-only supplement to passport, but if you’re not spending influence, passport is too good to pass up.


Insted of working on a manual spreadsheet for breaking costs, Sneakdoor is a great resource.
As for breakers, I still think if you are running back-up breakers etc I much prefer running Yog.


Sneakdoor is back? I thought it was gone around the time netrunnerdb was gone too.

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It was down briefly but has been up again for a while (I think around the same time as NetrunnerDB).

That’s HUGE. Peacock costs twice as much to break most small ice and costs as much or more even for large ice. If you’re having problems with high strength code gates like Tollbooth and Lotus Field on the same server, try Gordian.

Side note Viper isnt on that chart, which I think is one of the best pieces of ice in my HB deck until NRE drops. Peacock is booty buttcheeks vs Viper.

Its not a bad breaker. My Andy is tight on slots and influence, so I use it there and its not too bad. But I do use E3 also. (This is not a tier 1 deck, so thats all grain of salt)

The worst part about Peacock is the terrible synergy with Datasucker. Its problem with Datapike/Enigma/Viktor series ice is a problem too, but thinking about the whole typical Andy thing… if you go suckers, it doesn’t help Peacock almost at all. If you go stealth, you probably have Refractor.

Its not bad, just doesn’t mesh the current decks well. Unless you only wanna spend 1 or 2 slots on Decoders and dont want influence. If thats the case, Peacock/Passport seems fine.

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I didn’t know you could build an Andy deck that isn’t tier 1… :wink:

Oracle May Motivation Deep Red Supplier with Aesops and Overmind.

The only game in town nerds.

(Act like im kidding. My local group would assume I was joking if I said I made a criminal deck, and I put my desperados in it.)

or you could play yog/passport, break codegates for free and use the fact that you’re criminal to break remote lotus fields. It worked pretty well at worlds, but I feel like since rex got released everyone feels forced not to do it.


I pretty much agree. But, I’m a favorite of the 1x atman and then just doing the normal crim thing. I compensate with a 1x dyson for those games where atman takes up too much space, but the fact is that atman usually saves you a bunch of money at 4/5 str, so who cares.

I haven’t been a huge Andy player, but this influence package has done me well in recent testing:
2x Notoriety (for those games where you get to 5/6 points and just need a closer)
2x R&D Interface
1x Atman
1x Corroder
1x Mimic
1x Yog.0
2x Datasucker

Support Breakers:
1x Switchblade
1x Breach
2x Faerie
1x Passport

– If you suspect destroyers, you have to be careful of the virus suite and keep a faerie out, but otherwise it seems to run just as easily as the older andy decks. I gave up on Siphon and went crescentus instead, which helps. If the point is to deny credits, ice hate is usually more reliable at this point than an uninterrupted HQ access given nisei, CVS, Crisium, and friends. And then you’re not worried about tags either.

Basically, I don’t see a reason to run peacock. It’s too easy to play criminal without it. Turing is probably your biggest problem right now, not really lotus field.

Here’s my Gabe list for those interested. Might not be tier 1 but his ID ability is underrated imo. Peacock has been very helpful with one of this deck’s biggest weaknesses: applying remote pressure behind strong code gates. Like I said earlier, it’s expensive but it’s usually a big focus when I pilot this deck so I like to be prepared, especially when the Corp thinks all I’m packing is Passport. Also, Sneakdoor is back (but never left in my eyes).


Gabriel Santiago Consummate Professional
15 influence spent (max 15) •••••••••••••••
45 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Breaker Bay

Event (15)

2x Account Siphon
1x Career Fair
2x I’ve Had Worse ••••
2x Inside Job
1x Legwork
1x Planned Assault
2x Special Order
3x Sure Gamble
1x The Maker’s Eye ••

Hardware (7)

3x Desperado
2x HQ Interface
2x R&D Interface ••••

Resource (13)

1x Armitage Codebusting
2x Bank Job
1x Compromised Employee
2x Daily Casts
1x Earthrise Hotel
2x Same Old Thing
1x Scrubber •
1x Symmetrical Visage
2x The Supplier

Icebreaker (8)

1x Alias
2x Corroder ••••
3x Faerie
1x Passport
1x Peacock

Program (2)

2x Sneakdoor Beta

I think yog + passport have you covered, with femme for that 1 game in 15 you can’t manage with either. It sucks when it doesn’t work, but its fantastic when it does, which is most of the time.

I’ll stick with my Refractor and stealth credits.

I think peacock works if you want to focus on remote sniping, people tend to put larger code gates on remotes to make safe scoring windows against criminal late game, and it does break things for more or less what everything else breaks for, except the multi sub code gates. Perhaps a geist deck would like the b&e suite and a peacock as it’s decoder. It’s not unreasonable to include this card if you want to save influence in a deck that likes to make few big runs rather than constant aggression

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Just run E3 with it, its not bad, and E3 has great utility outside of breaker packages. Also you can save influence on corroder and run aurora and its not as bad.

Seriously, can anyone here, from memory, even tell me the install cost of aurora, much less how much it costs to use?

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3 to install, 2/sub, 2 for 3 strength, base str 1 I think it is? In combination with e3 you can save a whole one credit over corroder breaking Wotan or outer Curtain Wall!

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Side note that I looked at aurora, way back in the day.

Did you know that Aurora outpaces Corroder vs Hadrians in a lot of common (for Hadrians anyway?) situations.