Life imitating cards - DARPA's Cyber Grand Challenge makes real-life ICE and self-defending servers

I just heard about this today, it’s a pretty cool challenge by DARPA to use program analysis to automatically detect intrusions and patch vulnerabilities in real time without human intervention. Several team’s servers are playing a version of capture the flag through exploiting each other’s vulnerabilities in cyberspace.

Here’s a highlights video - the “eSports” style presentation is a little over the top, but the data visualization is everything I wanted the future to be after I read Neuromancer. This is a video describing the view, which maps a program’s execution in 3D space.

What do you think? Is this how the first Ice Wall is born?


Whoa can’t wait to watch this. Will report back later

Turn the power off and steal the BR with a drone.
Unlike irl, “there is rules”, so meh. If hackers can’t do everything they’d like it’s stupid.

I like how one of the racks is labelled Deep Red and has a Knight figure on it.

edit: or rather how the team is called Deep Red.

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Saw this live at DEFCON, really impressive stuff - the future of computer security

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