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List of current meta Archetypes?

As a new player (who has all of the cards) I was wondering if anyone could post a nice little list with all of the current meta archetypes?:heart_eyes:
Please? :smiley:

With netrunnerdb decklist links if possible? :stuck_out_tongue:

What is an archetypical Jemison, PU, CTM, Asa … deck?
What is an archetypical Hayley, Smoke, Los, Reina, Val … deck?

I would love to sleeve them up and try them in IRL, I just can’t figure out what those decks look like. :grimacing:

Hi Zen!

You ask a big question here, so it might be a bit tough to tackle, but I’ll pitch in my two credits.

Before we start, I don’t know if we’ll get to “all the current meta archetypes” but I think we can get to a few:

For Haley, you have what is considered a “Silver Bullet” Haley that can respond to all sorts of the threats


Also with runners, there is a deck called Turbo Bird that has caught everyone’s attention:


In both these decks, you’ll find a runner that can respond to a lot of various threats in multiple ways. For Haley, it is set up very well against the decks that would be prominent during the Worlds 2017 event. Information Sifting and Clot are both very reasonable answers to CI.

Regarding the more recent Turbo Bird, it is set up for two major plays: Indexing and Stimhack–one to get points and the other to remove threats from the board.

So if I were to answer, what are these archetypes? I would think that both of them have answers to prominent threats of current (or near current metas). I’m not sure if that’s so much of an archetype, but perhaps it is more of a “meta-response.”

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I don’t know about ALL of them, but I did a post-Worlds meta breakdown that is still pretty much accurate: https://sneakdoor.wordpress.com/2017/11/16/hayley-vs-the-world-post-worlds-meta-snapshot/

This covers all the popular/generally good archetypes. If you’re after stuff like Jemison and Los that’s less played your best bet is to jump onto NetrunnerDB and do a search. Asa is looking like it’s on the edge of being a player but doesn’t seem quite on CI’s level just yet.


If your asking for a decklist for every id, I’d suggest checking out the Factions tab on NRDB. Select a faction, and 3 options for each ID in that faction are displayed. Not all of them are Tier 1, or even Tier 2, but I’m guessing since you asked for Jemison thats not an issue :stuck_out_tongue:. That said, the decklists are all relatively popular and current.

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Your “Big List of Decks” is exactly the thing I am looking for…, just for the current meta :smiley:

Yeah that turned out to be a MASSIVE pain in the arse to keep updated haha. Kind of fell by the wayside with work and uni. I have a bit of time today though so I’ll try to add some more to it.


Follow this person’s blog, he curates all the top deck types, and also follow https://alwaysberunning.net/ and check decks that made the top cut in recent tournaments. For more offbeat/less competitive decks, the NRDB deck of the week is usually a fun little gem :slight_smile: The meta keeps shifting all the time, every new pack that gets released usually enables a new deck type (even if it’s not very competitive), or makes an existing kind of deck slightly better. If someone took the time to give you a truckload of links to decklists for “typical Shaper”, “typical Weyland” etc, then by the time you had the time to try them all, half of them would have changed! :smiley: Just go on NRDB, find a recent deck that got lots of likes out of an ID that appeals to you, and try that.

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Version 2 baby! Will make a seperate thread too because I’m gonna need some community involvement on this. https://sneakdoor.wordpress.com/the-big-list-of-decks/


This is incredibly good! Thank you!! :smiley: