List of Rotating Cards

I’ve never seen all of the relevant cards from the first rotation listed and organized in one place so it’s easy to look at. I did it for my own benefit earlier and thought other people may like to browse as well - even though Genesis and Spin rotating is still a ways off. It was probably more helpful to me than some because I started playing in the middle of the SanSan cycle.

Looking through the list, there are a lot of pet cards I’ll miss (if they don’t come back in a Core 2.0) and many cards I won’t miss. I expect a lot of people will feel the same. It also made me appreciate how much the game will change.

This list is every card from the first two cycles I’ve seen people play with. Feel free to discuss.

Anarch: Whizzard, imp, morning star, vamp, liberated account, nerve agent, Joshua B, scrubber, surge, xanadu, retrieval run, Darwin, data leak reversal, frame job, rook, Scheherazade, Reina Roja, deep red, knight, keyhole, activist support, quest completed, hemorrhage, singularity, queen’s gambit.

Criminal: Andromeda, peacock, satellite uplink, E3 feedback implants, compromised employee, emergency shutdown, snitch, doppleganger, crescentus, networking, HQ interface, pheromones, faerie, Mr. Li, hostage, Gorman drip, expert schedule analyzer, grifter, lawyer up, garrote, blackguard, silencer, savoir-faire, fall guy.

Shaper: zu.13 keymaster, helpful AI, notoriety, snowball, Chaos Theory, dinosaurus, test run, personal workshop, deus ex, all nighter, quality time, replicator, creeper, indexing, R&D interface, lockpick, false echo, Eureka!, torch, woman in the red dress, LLDS processor, sharpshooter, cybersolutions memchip, paintbrush.

Neutral Runner: plascrete carapce, dyson mem chip, encryption protocol, underworld contact, kraken, Kati Jones, New Angeles City Hall, John Masanori, prepaid voicepad, Raymond Flint, blackmail, lucky find.

HB: Stronger Together, mandatory upgrades, Janus 1.0, Ash, encryption protocol, viper, project vitrivius, green level clearance, eve campaign, Eli 1.0, NEXT bronze, Wotan, accelerated diagnostics, fenris, blue level clearance, gyri labyrinth, reclamation order.

Jinteki: braintrust, snowflake, Replicating Perfection, fetal AI, trick of light, edge of the world, sunset, hokusai grid, ronin, celebrity gift, himitsu-bako, swordsman, sundew, shock!, tsurugi, yagura, caprice nisei, shinobi.

NBN: restructured datapool,big brother, marked accounts, pop up window, uroborous, bernice mai, NBN: the world is yours, project beale, midseason replacements, flare, character assassination, Jackson Howard, shipment from sansan, city surveillance, TGTBT, sweeps week, wraparound.

Weyland: project Atlas, caduceus, power grid overload, amazon industrial zone, woodcutter, commercialization, Weyland: Because We Built It, government contracts, tyrant, oversight AI, dedicated response team, geothermal fracking, the cleaners, Elizabeth Mills, off the grid, curtain wall, punitive counterstrike, GRNDL: Power Unleashed, GRNDL refinery, vulvan coverup, hive, witness tampering.

Neutral corp: freelancer, executive retreat, public sympathy, private contracts, chimera, false lead, foxfire, corporate war, cyberdex trial, grim, profiteering, restructure, interns, paper wall, veterans program, subliminal messaging, NAPD contract, quandary.


My favorite card that’s leaving (and not on the list) is Midori. Midori ETF right after NEXT Gold came out, before people assumed they always needed a killer vs ETF, was gooooood times.


As a Shaper fan, I feel like they’ve already printed more answers for almost all of the most important rotating cards. I’m still hoping for a replacement or similar version of Personal Workshop, I think it opens up some cool deck ideas.

As an HB player…losing Eli, Ash, and NEXT Bronze hurts a lot. :frowning:

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Pop-up Window is probably my favorite ice of all time (as well as one of my favorite econ. cards of all time). It will be missed.


Some of my thoughts taking in the list as a whole:

  • Lots of 3/2s are cycling. If Core 2.0 is a real thing, I’d love to see Project Atlas become a permanent fixture for Weyland (I think losing the only 3/2 could be devastating to the faction), Vitrivius replace ABT for HB and Beale replace astro for NBN. I know the designers are reluctant to make more 3/2s and I think rightfully so, but I’d hate to see of these all permanently gone. Will merger see play? My guess is probably not.

  • We’re going to need some new ways to combat asset spam with Whizzard, imp and scrubber rotating. I’m sure we’ll be seeing some new answers soon. I don’t think Whizz will be back, since the story seems to include him getting boomed! John Massanori is also really good against horizontal decks and has been one of my top includes for criminal since I started playing.

  • Don’t let the door hit you in the ass blackmail, false echo, accelerated diagnostics and power shutdown. I don’t mind data leak reversal and eater-keyhole decks, but I know some players wouldn’t miss them. One of DLR’s top support pieces and major Geist enabler fall guy is also not long for this world. I think vamp cycling is probably good for the game too.

  • Red prison decks lose shock! along with fetal AI, RP, sundew, hokusai grid, ronin. Pretty big deal.

  • I personally like caprice nisei but know a lot of people don’t, and maybe caprice cycling out will encourage people to use some of the newer alternatives, which is healthy. For example, I think Mumbad City Grid is a really good card. With Ash, Bernice Mai and off the grid also on the way out, maybe we’ll be seeing some new defensive upgrades soon.

  • Lots of economy staples for both sides are exiting the stage. Sweeps week, marked accounts, the clearances, OAI, liberated accounts, queen’s gambit, Kati Jones, restructure, GRNDL refiner. Some Jeeves decks will miss subliminal messaging.

  • Thanks for your service in store championship season last year, wraparound and swordsman.

  • The debate about whether PPVP belongs on the MWL will soon be moot. Some shaper bullshit favorites – sharpshooter and dues ex, on the way out.

  • Some key criminal econ denial cards - emergency shutdown and cresentus - will soon be gone, although exploit and the bird breakers means the faction still has options on that front. Pheromones was a key component of the BigBoy perfume shop deck.

  • Weyland losing all its tools to remove bad pub. Lizzie Mills leaving us would leave a void, but we’ll still see her smiling face on scorched earth for a long time to come.

  • Many fun cards I’ll miss: personal workshop, woman in the red dress, profiteering, geothermal fracking, false lead, grim (my poor Argus deck!), hive, dedicated response team, Mr. Li and others. So long and thanks for all the memories (unless some of you come back in Core 2.0).


You forgot Andromeda!!!


Yikes, don’t know how I did that. Edited the post to add her.

Must have been denial, she’s been my favorite runner since I started playing Netrunner :slight_smile:


Seeing this list makes me realize I haven’t played nearly enough Netrunner because I see so many cards I have yet to explore fully.

I will probably drop out of any league play and see who will explore a ‘legacy’ or ‘open’ format using all the cards.

I think rotation was poorly planned and will be ridiculously awkward to balance.


Furthermore; I like to preserve various card and boardgames for my children. With a yearly rotation it will be a nightmare in 15 years time to reconstruct a fun and balanced game from a collection.

I’m pretty optimistic about the impact rotation will have. I think it’s going to solve a lot of problems. But a core 2.0 would help a lot, and we need to see some different answers to things like horizontal decks between now and then.