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Looking for a little advice on whether to use Build Script, Deuces Wild and the like

Hey all

I have ideas floating around for a revised version of Joseki’s magnificent (subjective I know) Cold One’s list to fit after rotation.

In testing I have found that I can replicate the speed of the list (it was originally a consistent turn 9 deck) but I have trouble fitting in all the econ I need, which leads to my question of whether BS (Build Script) and Deuces Wild (Deuces) are worth their slots.

I have read the argument that they are redundant because you can always just click for cards/credits normally and slotting them is taking inf and space. Do they have a place if all you want to do is accelerate your deck and gain money?

Any advice or guidance from more experienced combo players is very much appreciated

Thanks from an aspiring combo player

BTW I know this whole concept has big problems in the fact that it’s a meta read and now isn’t really the meta for it

There’s typically never a reason to run Build Script unless you already have 3 copies of Deuces and want more. Deuces can do everything Build Script can do, and more.

In Cold Ones in particular, none of those cards give you all that much draw power. The list ran Quality Time and even a Game Day because bulk draws were so important. I think I’d prefer ways of getting ProCo sooner and clicking it more (e.g. Beth, Career Fair) or more ways to get combo pieces (Artist Colony - Fan Site, SMC) over mediocre draw events. If you have the influence, then Deuces is best as @StephenE said but you’ll almost always use it in Build Script mode. I suppose “gain 3, expose & make a run” could be useful during the combo turn.

Unless you’re at 0 credits.
Which, yes, I’m splitting hairs, and the flexibility of even those two mostly unnecessary options does justify the initial expense, but “everything and more” seems like an overstatement.

@Tivo Build script doesn’t worth its influence. It’s clic positive by 1c : I’m sorry but 1 inf shouldn’t buy you 1c.

The proper play is “expose & make a run” then repair with 3c, cards or remove tag.

When installed, even “expose & make a run” should be “expose one ice on one server where you can find points and run another one” to maximize the aggro/tempo it gains.

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There is no singular “proper play”. If you think you might need money to break or trash something, you gain credits first and then run. It’s situational.

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If you’ve already written the rest of your decklist and have influence to spare, then the influence cost doesn’t matter

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Thanks all, I hadn’t considered the bulk draw aspect of the deck, I do miss Quality Time but alas rotation hurt other decks far more. In light of the advice you have all given me I decided the Inf was better spent on higher draw per click cards, overall I have lost a total number of cards that draw cards but each card now draws more individually which I have realised is better click compression.

So again a big thanks to you all, I am constantly reminded that this community is awesome!

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I’ve messed around with a Shaper Comet deck that runs Build Script, Deuces Wild, and Process Automation along with LEVY AR to do it all again. It’s certainly not the best deck, but it’s decent and fun.

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Then buy better cards than Build Script with it.

I’ve spent a gross amount of time thinking about build script/process automation/deuces. A few stray thoughts that are germane to this discussion:

  1. If they were 0 influence, you would see some mix of them in every 50-card ID and many 45-card ID’s. They are less good at improving deck consistency than multiple copies of key cards or a smaller deck size, but still serve that purpose. This would be more pronounced when the meta is such that tech cards are less important (and you’d rather just have more consistency).
  2. The difference between 2 cost and 0 cost is important in the early game, especially if you play cards like Liberated Account, Professional Contacts, Magnum Opus that require 5+ credits up front and leave you poor for a few clicks
  3. Having a critical mass of draw+get credits cards is qualitatively different from having a few of them around to help out with consistency or draw. I originally built the linked deck using Day Job, Legwork, and a 3rd Process Automation rather than 6x Exclusive Party, and it “stalled” a lot more often (hitting periods where I had to click-draw). That being said, a “critical mass” is a LOT of slots and I would be surprised if you had much left to build a real deck once you have a draw engine based on these cards in there.
  4. Build Script/Process Automation/Deuces do not really replace the bulk draw of cards like Quality Time, Inject, or even Diesel/I’ve Had Worse.

Thank you for reiterating this. I don’t think that I’m the only person that gets their hackles up when people use words like “correct” to describe choices in this game (deck-building, strategy, or tactics). There are definitely some cases where there is one optimal choice, but even then it’s rare that there are no defensible sub-optimal choices that reflect ones best guesses with partial information.


A card that cost 0 and said draw a card and gain a click would effectively reduce the minimum deck size of every runner by 3. Since the runner will usually need to click to draw at least once in the game, a card that cost 0 and drew 2 cards would be close enough that many people would play it even though it gave no real benefit.

For deuces, I don’t think costing 2 is much of a drawback. If you have other expensive cards you want to play, you just play deuces first. It’s only bad if you’ve been recently drained by a run or a trace and then you draw your deuces - and how often would you not be clicking for credits after hitting zero anyway?


FYI Tivo, I think a post-rotation Cold Ones should probably use Laguna instead of ProCo due to the lack of Quality Time.