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Looking for Graphic Designer to Help with Stimhack Coins


Hey guys!

We’re still looking to make metal Stimhack coins to sell, but we need a graphic design for the “number” side of the coin, (the front will be stimhack logo). Please let me know if you’re interested!


help this guy out f******s
i want my swag


I"m a graphic designer. I’d be very interested in helping a website that I frequent so often! My email is tedthebug7@gmail.com. Email me anytime with your ideas, and let’s make something awesome!!


Let the designer flood begin!
I’m also a graphic designer. Love Netrunner, love Stimhack.
My portfolio can be found here
Contact me at milnershane2@gmail.com if interested.


Hey dude, nice work! =)


Are there going to be acrylic versions as well? Please say yes.


Does it have to be the stimhack logo on the alt side?


They’re Stimhack coins.


whats issue? stimhack logo is tight


You can buy team covenant coins if you don’t want stimhack ones. The TC ones look great too.


Except the virus ones - those things are literally invisible from the other side of the table, due to the combination of transparency and red paint (which is the same as 95% of all viruses that see play, go figure) :frowning:


True, and I have them, and penny gems, and the minion coins. Just having a brain on my coins seems thematically odd.