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Looking for static set of 7 duel decks (1 per faction)

I stopped playing during Mumbad but have recently been playing the WC16 decks (Whizzard/CTM) which are a pretty fun matchup. I’m also aware of the “blast from the past” youtube series which went over a number of historical matchups. What I’m imagining is a bit different: 7 decks (anarch/shaper/crim/weyland/jinteki/hb/nbn) where all of the 12 possible matchups are fun to play, and therefore at least reasonably balanced.

I haven’t come up with any lists yet, and am posting to see if anyone already had this idea and made some lists (or wants to have a go at it).

If there’s no prior art, I’ll put together 7 lists, but I don’t know if I can theorycraft my way to getting all 12 matchups in a good spot, so my first draft will probably be unbalanced. I have limited testing time so balancing the decks could be a community project for whoever is interested.

For runner I would probably do Andysucker, Prepaid Kate, and some anarch (either Whizzard or Noise). For corp I thought it would be fun to have each of FA / glacier / asset spam / kill represented. There are a few ways to do that; two reasonable ones are {NBN asset spam, HB FA, RP glacier, Weyland scorch}, or {NBN FA, HB Foodcoat, Weyland scorch, IG spam}. Thoughts on these or other configurations?

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Sounds a lot like what TheBigBoy tried to do in his article series:

I’ve been looking into this for quite a while now. It’s a bit tricky to find such a set of decks that I can construct with the card pool I have available, unless I restrict myself to the Revised Core.

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This is what @beyoken has tried to do with the Sparring decks:

The recent teaching league used the decks and they worked well aside from Leela which was a bit too far below the power curve.

Revised versions are coming but I believe the plan is to wait until Kitara has finished and then do the rebuild. You can build them but they’re not tournament legal as of 2.1. They’re fine for casual use though. The key is that his decks and your aims are the same - build all the decks using all cards from a single full collection plus the WC decks


Thanks, yeah, the aims look exactly the same! I’ll take a look. FWIW I’m willing to forgo the single-collection issue if it is the only blocker from Prepaid Kate / Andysucker being two of the decks (for instance). I could just proxy the few overlapping cards, or switch them between decks.