Los with the bird breakers?

Okay so I have an idea for a deck that uses the new crim ID that uses the bird breakers. My thinking is this: since your probably going to stinking rich any way you can use his ability to derezz at least one piece of ice each turn. Jank deck but worth trying I think. any feed back welcome :).

I mean, it really depends if getting 2 bucks offsets the usually massive cost of using the bird breakers to bounce ICE. My initial thought is “probably not,” since it still costs an arm and a leg to both derez an ICE and reinstall the breaker later, and while 2 bucks is cool, it’s not an arm and a leg. Paying 4 and 5 to reinstall things over and over just isn’t a good move.

I could maybe see using Peregrine (the decoder) as a second decoder in the deck to de-rez some of these expensive, shitty code gates that are becoming more popular, but I don’t think it’s ever going to be good to use all the bird breakers with the intent of using them over and over. I see the bird breakers as more tech cards for specific metas that include really large, common ICE of a specific type.


i think you just check out the Khan thread, insert Los and Keros McIntyre, and go nuts. i’m sure there are other things in Red Sands as well

also, i have a feeling that it’ll be a decent archetype even against low-cost ICE, so i think it makes glacier even less appealing overall

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Starting with the deck proposed by bradical3, I’ve been experimenting with 2 saharasas, a desperado (Gauntlet isn’t great, econ-wise), and a couple compromised employees. If you get both saharasas installed, then the bounce/reinstall costs just the 2 creds you spent to bounce/derez it. It’s pretty janky as you need to find all those cards, but fun when it works.

I reallly want the Gauntlet to work because of the thematic value, but it costs two more and the power, while nice, isn’t what I need when there’s so much else to put in. I also added a couple compromised employees, which add to the sting for the corp when they re-rez. Autoscripter also gives you extra clicks.

Getting the econ going for all that has been… well…


hmmm I like the idea about compromised employee and Keros McIntyre. kind of pays for half of the price already. This deck wasn’t meant to be competitive, just Janky fun. I could see if you were incredibly rich though how it could work…

I think London Library should be tested for sure. Where it never made as much sense with Khan and her install discount, it could be sensible with Los.


oh thats a good idea. Use London library to install the birds then bounce them back to hand. Stimhack might also be a good idea…

If you can keep Chatterjee University loaded, you can install those birds for cheap, over and over.


Install those birds for cheep , even. (Like, the bird noise)

(cheep is a noise that birds make)

(thus wordplay)