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Lousville Meetup

Hey Guys, Who all is going to Lousville this weekend? Myself, Arkidents, and Jdalart will be driving down friday and staying at the baymont.

Also from the Chicago area, Daine is driving a car-full down for the tournament.

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Several folks from Metro Detroit will be heading down there Friday as well :). It’s gonna be a huge tourney!


Hopefully I get in town before they stop selling beer then.

The “Wait, Wait… Don’t Run Me!” team will be down for the regional. I think there are probably going to be 10-15 Cincinnati players who will be attending.

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I’ll update this post when we arrive in Lousville, we’ll be near the airport about 10 minutes from Bluegrass Magic

I’ll be there on Saturday, as will a few other players from Cincinnati (none of whom I think are on Stimhack, haha).[quote=“Chill84, post:3, topic:1299, full:true”]
Hopefully I get in town before they stop selling beer then.
Bars in Louisville don’t close til 4 AM, you’ll be fine.

All of my opponents are encouraged to get as hammered as possible in this window ;).

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you can be drunk and still win with hb

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I’m pretty sure my runner deck would play better if I was drunk.

Made it to the other side of chilo alive

Had some lousy traffic on 71, thought we were gonna be late, still made it.

Should have asked what people’s Stimhack names were :).

At any rate: I finished in the top 12, so, so close to dat playmat. My two sparring partners got top-8. A good day.

I brought Iain, just to be “that guy”, and a Making News deck that aims to adapt to the situation: PsychoBeale with Scorch backup. NBN can FA without even trying thanks to Astro, too.

Iain only got rolled once, and when my back was to the wall, he didn’t let me down, which was a bit of a surprise. EVEN AGAINST YOU, GUY I KEYHOLED 11 TIMES BEFORE WINNING ;).

When the going got tough, it was NBN that faltered, failing to draw any of my outs.

Andy / Kate dominated top 16 runner side. Interestingly, I didn’t see much Andy at all until the top-16 ;). She’s still elite. Corpwise, NBN / HB were the factions of the top of the top, it seemed like. TWIY / MN about evenly split, one “Scorched Imaging” CI.

I was heavily teched to destroy Weyland and CI, but saw HBETF and NBN all day instead. Iain’s an odd duck: you have to embrace early failure and believe in the comeback ;).

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Hey Matt, this is Andrew. I took it down with kate/ci in the final round.


Congrats, Andrew! Seems appropriate for CI to win a fancy CI card :).

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