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###[Duggarslogo][1] (45 cards)

  • [Gabriel Santiago: Consummate Professional][2]

Event (21)

  • 3 [Dirty Laundry][3]
  • 3 [Feint][4]
  • 3 [Forged Activation Orders][5]
  • 3 [Inside Job][6]
  • 2 [Legwork][7]
  • 1 [Levy AR Lab Access][8] •••
  • 3 [Lucky Find][9] ••••• •
  • 3 [Sure Gamble][10]

Hardware (5)

  • 3 [Logos][11]
  • 2 [Prepaid VoicePAD][12]

Resource (8)

  • 1 [Armitage Codebusting][13]
  • 3 [Daily Casts][14]
  • 1 [Duggar’s][15] ••••
  • 1 [Same Old Thing][16]
  • 2 [Theophilius Bagbiter][17]

Icebreaker (7)

  • 2 [Alias][18]
  • 2 [Breach][19]
  • 2 [Crypsis][20]
  • 1 [Passport][21]

Program (4)

  • 2 [Copycat][22]
  • 1 [Djinn][23] ••
  • 1 [Sneakdoor Beta][24]

Built with [http://netrunner.meteor.com/][25]
[1]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/decks/zZmshtxP5jNkYPE7r
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[5]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/forged-activation-orders-core
[6]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/inside-job-core
[7]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/legwork-honor-and-profit
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[9]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/lucky-find-double-time
[10]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/sure-gamble-core
[11]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/logos-honor-and-profit
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[23]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/djinn-core
[24]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/card/sneakdoor-beta-core
[25]: http://netrunner.meteor.com/decks/zZmshtxP5jNkYPE7r

Both Anarch and to a lesser extent criminal have an card draw issues. I have recently made decks in anarch, exile and criminal to play around with Duggar - and to date I quite like the results. I upload them here to invite comment and suggestions.

This deck invites fun and trickery and plays differently than most. This deck is intended to do well against NEH

Principles of play:

  1. Mulligan for Logos.
  2. When the runner scores an agenda, pull Duggar/Theo or Crypsis depending on current game state.
  3. Stay cash rich. The intent of this deck is to use dugger for draw and Theo to allow you to retain cards in hand.
  4. Use FAO on remote ice. Concentrate on innermost ice. Additionally, FAO can be used to keep ice to <2 depth.
  5. Keep ice on centrals rezzed.
  6. Use sneakdoor to cut ice thickness.
  7. Deception: The idea is to reinforce the notion that you are running central only breakers. Save the crypsis till needed. And then use crypsis and the following trick to run on remotes.

Suppose ice setup is this:

HQ …Remote`
Lotus …Archer

Or this:


In both these cases you score the agenda at the cost of a copycat. Ie., practically nothing, by what I call bypass misdirection.

Playout the copycat, either first click, or via savoir fair.
Feint on HQ. Feint allows you to bypass the first two ice. So in the first case, you bypass the eli, pop the copycat and bypass the archer.

More or less the same procedure with Inside job, Except that you can run on archives as well as R & D to bypass.


Other kinds of things to look for (obvious, but stated):
Inserver bypass:


An inside job and a copy cat gets you in without a breaker. Click through eli.

R&D…Remote …Remote 2 (With Agenda)
PopUp…Pup…Wall of Thorns
ELI…Popup…Heim 2
…Tollbooth…Curtain Wall

Click through eli. Copy cat off popup. Hit Remote Encounter Pup. Copy cat to remote 2.


  1. Why no account syphon? With Central only breakers you have the ability pretty commonly to score an Account Syphon. But this deck runs no Plastcrete. You are counting on cash first, hand size second to defend you against scorched etc. Don’t get tagged. Additionally, it boils down to clicks and cash. You have a lot of events in the deck. Prepaid nets you cash every turn, and over the game will result in greater income. Additonally, you can’t float tags (due to theo), and you don’t have the clicks to clear the tags, nor the deck space for lawyers up
  2. Why Logo? It discourages many players from scoring agendas. Slowing down agenda scores is a good thing. It adds one handsize, usefull with Duggar. The ability to pull is most important IMO against FA. If your meta doesn’t have that, I wonder where you live, but feel free to substitue Box E.
  3. Other playable options: Savoir Fair. (To drop a copycat / crypsis mid run). Djinn. Omega. Index.
  4. Ditch the Levy. Sure. Depends on play style. I have usually gone through the deck by turn 25 (12 turns for the runner).
  5. Add femme. Femme is a great addition to the deck, but you don’t have the money to really play it this crim deck. It works very well in the Exile version of this deck, where you can move the femmes via scavenge.

Don’t you struggle if there’s no opportunity to use Copycat?
I don’t really see FAO working in this build. That card works because the Criminal bankrupts the Corp with Siphon/Vamp and/or making them rez ICE; but you’re not packing those cards and don’t seem to be running much either.

What’s your plan for Komainu?

Your case studies of how to use copycat are interesting, but doesn’t really tell me how the deck actually plays. I guess I could play it and find out, but I was hoping to get a sense for how the plays. Looks interesting and fun! :smile:

Feint + Copycat is tricky, but would you be able to access cards in a remote after Feint + Copycat? It would seem so, since the ‘if successful’ refers to the initiated run on HQ, yes?

  1. Run early, to find ice while it is not deep, and before your handsize is large.
  2. Early phase you are running with 3 cards on an early click. Due to the levy, you can afford to lose the cards. You can’t afford to flatline.
  3. On central ice, whats any decks plan for komainu that isn’t sporting parasite? This deck has sentry breakers, inside job etc. If you have unrezzed ice on a remote server with no copy cat play, you’re going to have to suck it up and crypsis.

You run a fair bit to get gabes HQ revenue. But, generally speaking, you are using FAO differently than in most decks.
I did leave out a bit of nuance on FAO use.

For example, you can use FAO to destroy ice IF that sets up a copycat scoring avenue for you. (IE., destroying innermost ice, yeilds copycat path). But generally you are using copy cat to reveal ice and drain credits.

It plays pretty fast and active.
Lots of econ. Lots of flexibility with Logos. Avenues to attack shallow ice.

When you discard from druggars you will have 10 cards to plan your next turn -2. The corp gets very limited time to figure out what you’re going to do next turn.

I think playing this deck would give me a headache. but it is an intriguing and original idea. I’ve always wanted to use Copycat. I think it would be playable if it paid to activate, rather than trash. Like XC: X Strength of copycatted ICE