Magic The GIFening

We need this for Netrunner cards and memes as well: A twitter bot that combines magic cards with popular gifs.

Awwww, was kind of hoping this was a link to this album, which combines some of the animated advertising / hype reel stuff for Dominaria with the cards the art is based on. Random memes are cool too though :).

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It would be sick to see art like that in some sort of digital card game implementation.

That is not Heartstone? :stuck_out_tongue:

I meant with the more realistic CGI style art with longer/more interesting animations.

I probably haven’t played Hearthstone in ~2 years so it could have changed since then, but I remember the art looking like Warcraft III cartoons and the animations were relatively simple things like slashes and cards shaking. Not really anything like what @hypomodern posted.

I think the account is funnier. I tried to start a Netrunner equivalent on twitter under the #babelboggs but it didn’t catch on… :cry:

Also, am I the only one who misread the title as “the Fingering”?