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Magnum opus cards


just asking, would NISEI people consider to release a full set of Magnum Opus cards?

Hello :slight_smile:

Could this be the solution to your problem?


Yes, there are a few companies that offer this set, but as NISEI has already sorted out how to print and ship I was just hoping they would release this set themselves to ensure that everybody can have a copy

Hi! We do not own the rights to these cards - so we can’t offer them for sale, unfortunately. Doing so would put us at risk of getting a cease and desist from FFG.

Thanks for your reply. I thought FFG released them with the idea that everybody could print them out but I see that they could think that NISEI is making a profit from selling them, so I understand your point. BTW, what you guys are doing for keeping the game alive is simply great! Thank you so much!


Thanks, it’s nice words like that which help us keep going through the stress :slight_smile:


Has anyone ordered these from Printer Studio? The bleed lines look like they will significantly cut off the card edges. Wondering if that’s accurate to the final product. Thanks!