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I think whatever combos will crop up there, a scored Efficiency Committee is more than enough to just plain out win, be it scorches (or PSF) or Shipment from Mirrormorph/Kaguya shenanigans.

Man why isnt Morning Star more like Torch, it would actualy be playable then

Paid abilities can only be played at the end of the click.

There is no timing window for you to do anything while the Accelerated Diagnostics op cards are being played.

The main issue currently plaguing Anarchs is that not enough people play Anarch, so we aren’t seeing the same level of testing and development that we are for Criminal or Shaper. Reina will solve the problem of not many people playing Anarch quite handily! :smile:

because you are trashing cards and not dealing damage, i don’t think snoop can flatline the runner.

So what about Plascrete / NACH? Different rules because they “prevent” / “avoid”?

Yes, both those cards say ‘prevent’ or ‘avoid’, thus allowing them to be used to… prevent or avoid effects :).

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I feel the main problem with anarch is, they lack any Tier 1 high inf cards.

wyldside is good but has a massive drawback,
morning star would be playable with 1mu cost
josh B requires setup before working.

only medium/imp of our high inf cards fire and forget.

with all the other anarch hotness costing one inf !

I would agree with this but I think there’s a little more to it as well.
They don’t really have their own USP (unique selling point). Their breakers and ancilliary cards are very good and low influence, which is why we see cards like Corroder, Mimic, Datasucker, Parasite, Imp, Cyberfeeder and Stimhack splashed into decks from other factions.

As @Talism says though, they don’t have any seriously powerful cards at the high end of the influence range - deck or meta defining cards. Moreover, their current themes revolve heavily on viruses, against which Corps have a built in defence mechanism (purge) plus Cyberdex Trial. Worse still, Noise took a massive hit from Jackson Howard.

Eventually the card pool will grow to the extent that JH won’t be an “auto include” in every Corp deck - there will just be too many other options to fit him in. Noise could still be viable for R&D burn, but until JH is less prevalent he won’t be stealing the win from archives any time soon.

I don’t think I agree with this. I think the testing and development has been done in a lot of cases and the conclusions were that Anarch is a fair way behind at the moment. Perhaps Criminal and Shaper are over-represented a little due to net-decking, but people generally only copy successful decks.

I think Reina is interesting, she fits more into a denial strategy than destruction. I don’t know how well she’ll work against low-ICE decks (Jinteki and NBN TWIY op combo), since most of her gimmicks are redundant. But against classic decks she could be interesting. I wonder whether she might be better running Blackguard and criminal evasion ops though, rather than her own Caissa suite.


I’m really excited about Paper Wall

Don’t tell anyone, but my initial read is that the caissa stuff is largely junk (I guess pawn/rook is painful and neat) and am working on various dirty tricks builds for her first, too :). I dunno about blackguard, though :P.