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MaxX archetypes

After a long initiation period into ANR I finally decided it’s time to try my favorite runner, MaxX! I am curious if there is a list of archetypes out there for MaxX, perhaps with some discussion on their strengths and weaknesses?

I came across Eater/Keyhole MaxX, Reg-ass MaxX and Minh MaxX so far.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Looks like you find the main archetypes. Eater/keyhole uses Apocalypse these days, but that’s really the main change.

RA MaxX - Consistent. Very high potential ceiling, but difficult to pilot well. Has some difficulty in the current meta with CVS being popular; I think that might be dropping off, so it may be better in the near future. No real changes since Net-Ready Eyes came out. The best of the three in my opinion.

Eater MaxX - I don’t like Eater as a breaker, high install cost and high breaking costs for many popular ICE. Anti-AI ICE can pose problems. Can potentially lock a corp down and then out with Keyhole, Siphon, Apocalypse, and other cards that give the corp a hard time.

Mihn MaxX - Takes a little while to set-up to safety if the corp can get money early, typically through burst economy. A quick remote play with aggressive agenda pushing can get out points quickly before you can respond. The fastest of all DLR set-ups. If you can control the remote, any non-FA corp will have extreme difficulty winning the game, if they’re even able to.

Don’t forget about the naps!



Power Nap MaxX doesn’t have a way to win. It just gets money.

It’s got legs. Certainly not top tier but not the worst either. It’s good in an environment without chronos / blacklist (check) and lacking crisium / caprice (not so much). Etf can be a problem definitely but it’s not autolose by any stretch, there’s a lot of play both ways.

Its win condition is Vamp into Eater/Keyhole. Crisium and Caprice give it problems but if it can land the Vamp I’ve found it wins very often.

Totally forgot about Doubles MaxX, one of my favorite decks! Just re-read this and pretend I said it for my review of Doubles MaxX.

Here’s the thing (not to derail this thread); would feint be good as an include in Maxx decks? Or really any eater/keyhole combo decks? I’ve noticed while playing Maxx that an early Crisium rez on HQ can really screw my game up; is there 3 influence that can be found, or is it just a pipe dream?

Taking out the Apocolypse is not worth it for a situational card. MaxX decks these days have so many lines of play that you can probobly get into HQ if you really concentrate all your resources on it.

also, this street chess MaxX featured on Metropole Grid the other day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHfD57xqS4E

influence is 3x Account Siphon, 1 Levy. So probably most similar to Eater/Keyhole MaxX.

It’s not street unless it’s Exile. That deck uses Wasteland, Pawn, Technichal Writer, Deep Red, and Exiles ability as a draw/Econ engine. So maybe Punk Rock Chess?


where did the “street” in street chess come from? This archetype is before my time & I’ve not see anyone play it.

it was the poor man desperado.

Pawn+sheze+deep red in exil

It was ‘street’ because it was the poor man’s desperado

I can make an entire argument explaining street chess, but I don’t think that’s what you are here for;) Plenty infamous parks around Europe you can play Chess