Maxx Art

What’s the deal with the art on the Maxx ID?? Online she’s flipping me the bird but on everycard I see she’s giving me the UK “jog off” sign.

Is she american or english? I NEED TO KNOW!

Americans have tended to photoshop things they don’t understand, a mildly irritating facet of cultural imperialism.

10 Likes modified it to flipping the bird, cos they’re Yanks. She’s actually flipping the v, presumably in a punk tribute.

Also, it’s worth noting that there may not be an ‘English’ or ‘American’ identity in the cyberpunk reality of ANR. Although the places still exist (e.g. London Library), the geopolitical situation and statehood itself are probably quite different.

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Well London Library is in Breaker Bay with an unknown connection to the city (maybe its named after someone).

The picture of Tower Bridge on GFI seems to indicate that London’s geography has changed significantly - draining the Thames?!?

The ANR world maybe culturally imperialist to an extent that a city in Ecuador feels super american but you’ll have to pry the British’s idiosyncratic swears from our cold dead hands.


It’s not (necessarily) a punk tribute. It’s a well known insulting gesture in the British Isles. As Wikipedia notes, it’s “frequently used to signify defiance (especially to authority)” which is fitting on several levels - its common use in the punk scene notwithstanding nor unrelated.

For those who aren’t familiar, fanciful origin stories include that, during the Hundred Years War, the French used to cut the fingers from captured English and Welsh archers. The gesture is supposed to be from these longbowmen demonstrating they can still draw their bowstrings in defiance at French nobility. This is probably false; nobody really knows where this gesture is from and I doubt we ever will.

It seems a shame to photoshop a rather characterful aspect into something substantially culturally different.

Yeah, but Maxx is a punk… Doesn’t my explanation seem more likely than that she’s secretly British?

I don’t know, and it’s not like the two are uncorrelated either. Both Britain and America had (have?) thriving punk scenes, and who knows what the future is supposed to be like?

Either way, the original gesture is very different at a cultural level to the photshopped one.


Agreed. This isn’t the first time I’ve complained about it! Going Against the Grain: Reg-Ass Maxx - #741 by groober

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I thought the original had a middle finger, and, FFG actually made it into the British ‘V’, to make it a little more palatable for U.S. audiences.

In the future the v “up yours”,“fuck off” gesture has replaced the middle finger.

What about Timmy and Johnny? What’s their signal?

@ff0x accidentally changed her gesture when he shopped out the background IIRC. But seriously, what’s so important about that? All the time you are getting upset about it, you could be doing something productive (being upset about Noise or Butchershop for example) instead.


Don’t tell her how to tell you to go fck yourself. She’ll do whatever the fck she wants.

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