MC-One - big tournament in Augsburg, germany on 27.07.2016

Hi guys - I’m going to do a big tournament in July in Augsburg and I just like to have you all know about it
I would be very happy if some guys from “out of our meta” would like to join us :slight_smile:

you find the full information (german)in the german Heidelberger-Forum
or the Facebook-event

I would happily answer every question you have as well, and/or translate everything if someone is really interested :wink:

a little kind of “first look” on part of the price-pool:

I’m just going to summarize the main information in english here:

torunament will be held in Augsburg - Germany
I’m going to do a few fun things for players coming in on Friday as well (ask me if you need help to find some location to stay at)

“normal” tournament (FFG-rules, NAPD-MWL, etc.)

looks like just swiss right now - depends on what the people want (tell me in your registration-mai- if you want to do a Cut or just Swissl)

maximum 40 players

prices look above - but everyone gets something and I have a few more things up the sleeve - price-pool grows with registration-numbers as well

you get 2 bottles of drinks (coke, water, etc - no alcoholics - sorry…) with your entry-fee - just tell me what you want with your registration-mail

it’s registration + pay in advance right now - so I can plan better and use the money to buy more stuff for the price-pool
if you register and pay in advance until 30.06.2016 you just pay 14€, afterwards and on-site will be 16€

if you want to register yourself: mail me at
with a little bit of personal info about yourself (name, mobile-phone-number, address, etc…) - I’m going to ask you for everything I more need to know afterwards


The first MAU-Championship aka MC-One is coming closer.
Just two more weeks - register now!! :smiley:

It would be a pleasure to have some foreign guests with us to swirl up our meta.

And just have a first glimpse: i hope to be able to print a few T-Shirts (instead of playmats - everyone has enough of them i think) for tops and/or raffle.
They might look like this:

Join! Join! Join! :smiley: