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Media Blitz and Exchange of Information Interaction Answer

Had a question about how Media Blitz and EOI interacted so, I sent it to FFG via the webpage form and here is what came back (not a surprise that I was actually correct on this one)…


Damon, et. al.,

I have some questions about how Media Blitz functions when the Agenda it is copying ceases to exist in the Runner’s score area.

Any examples I posit will have the following basic setup.

  • Runner’s score area contains: Restructured Datapool and Utopia Fragment
  • Runner has a tag(s)
  • Runner has Turntable is installed.
  • Corp score area contains: Any one agenda.

Media Blitz:
“Choose an agenda in the Runner’s score area. Media Blitz gains the text of that agenda.”

From how this is worded I can assume:
A) I choose which agenda text I want to copy when at the moment I play Media Blitz.
B) Media Blitz does not check to see if the agenda it is copying still exists. It has in essence taken that text as its own an no longer needs the agenda to exist in the Runner’s score area.


  • Is assumption B (B) correct?
  • If B is incorrect is Media Blitz constantly checking to see if the Agenda still exists?

If B is incorrect that means that the Runner can use Artist Colony, or Data Dealer to essentially blank Media Blitz and the Corp could do the same with Exchange of Information.


  • If B is incorrect and 2 copies of the same Agenda are in the Runner’s score area, then the Runner has to remove the copy that was copied in order to blank Media Blitz?

Assuming that B is correct, that brings us to the following question.

Corp has played Media Blitz and copied Utopia Fragment, it now costs the Runner 2 credits per advancement token on an agenda to steal an agenda.

  • If the Corp plays Exchange of Information and swaps an agenda for Utopia Fragment are there in essence “2” copies of the Utopia Fragment in play now? Specifically, does it now cost the Runner 4 credits per advancement token on an agenda to steal an agenda?




Your assumption is correct, Media Blitz checks for targeting when played and only at that time. If you Information Exchange a copied agenda Media Blitz retains the text of said agenda.

Damon Stone
LCG Developer


Exchange of Information is such a cruel card, I absolutely love it.

“Hey I’ll give you a 15 minutes for that 2 pointer. Oh but I’m also going to take away that 15 minutes, hope it’s not a big deal.”

“I’m going to score this breaking news and take your GFI. By all means, keep the tags with my compliments.”

“You know what would be really helpful? If the fragment effects could stack. They can? How delightful”


Now we have a way to get 2 cards a turn from Archives!

Ahhhhhh, I’m going to make a deck with the sole purpose of making it cost 8 credits to steal an IAA. I will be playing snatch and grab or breaking news for film critic.

Here is the link to the ANCUR page I made for the rulling…

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