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Metagame nowadays

Hi all AEnesidem here (although it won’t let me log in to that name anymore, so i use my FB),

As someone who has been away a long time from the game and who has a more casual playgroup that tends to switch around decks and create new stuff, i have no clue what the metagame looks like. What i know is that i encounter a whole lot of Andromeda/kate and Weyland/NBN decks on OCTGN.

so my question here is, what are the top decks at the moment and what do they run/how do they play. Any links to standard lists or primers/articles would be greatly appreciated.


Gabe got a huge boost a la Knight, and many believe he’s now on par with Andy: http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1109854/good-knight-gabe

Aside from that, TWIY has surpassed MN in winrate on OCTGN, though the exact decks are being tweaked and not much is known publicly. Punitive Counterstrike and other Weyland toys make it even more deadly as well.

Thanks, is boardgamegeek the major source for strategic info?

The NBN decks run nowadays, are those generally running the psychographic/midseason combo?
And what about those weyland decks, do most people run the accelerated diagnostics combo or not?

On the corp side:

Weyland decks seem to be about 50/50 “rush with snare/sea/SE backup” and “cheese combo”, at least from what I’ve seen. NBN TWIY and NBN MN FA are the most popular, but there’s still some diversity in the Making News space between midseasons/psycho/market research and flytrap kill decks that sneak in there.

HB Glacier approaches are pretty popular in my area as an augment to HBFA.

Few people play Jinteki, but those that do well tend to be playing RP.

On the runner side:

Criminals are still dominant, I see a lot of both Andy and Gabe still, though builds vary from the worlds-era meta. Lots of Knight, MO, Keyhole getting mixed in.

Noise and Reina get played a lot but struggle somewhat, though I think with some further tuning they’re promising.

Katman is still quite strong, and locally at least thanks to me there’s still some effort to get CT/Kit turborig going :).

If I had to pick based on strengths, it’d be TWIYFA / Pick-a-Criminal though.

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BGG has some strategic info, but it gets lost in 1,000 times its weight in crap.

Many Making News decks run psychographics, and most TWIY import either Biotic or SE. Honestly though, any talented builder can throw together a great NBN deck a hundred different ways. It’s simply the superior corp faction right now.

Oh, and while not nearly as popular nowadays, Katman is still viable, but it leans more on early aggression such as cheap icebreakers for support. Or you can throw Account Siphon into anything.

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HB Glacier = HB big ice with Oversight AI and/or Bioroid Efficiency Research? Unfamiliar with the term.

I wouldn’t say it’s strictly speaking the best, but I do think it’s the most versatile being able to go in either the Scorched Earth direction or the fast advance direction. Whereas Weyland doesn’t really have the right agendas for fast advance and Haas:Bioroid doesn’t have the internal tag mechanisms to splash Scorched Earth.

Yeah most of my losses as runner were against HB, especially people finishing with just one project beale and psychographics.

I tried NBN today myself but have had a hard time playing it, i just can’t get the hang of it (first time i played the faction though). Any tips/tricks/decent lists around?

HB Glacier = HB Big Ice with a low number of high AP agendas, a lot of economy, and few to no trashable cards. Oversight AI and/or BER are optional. (See example here.)

For a hybrid variant that is quite successful in my meta, see here.