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Metropole Grid - A new Youtube channel

Metropole Grid - A new Youtube channel


Two games already up, high production value with commentary.

Maybe the videos can be listed on the frontpage of Stimhack?


PM @SneakySly and hell set you up with an account to post them.

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Your psi game overlay animation is adorable.

Your videos are excellent. Its videos like this on Team Covenants channel that helped me get excited enough about Netrunner (and help me learn to cars) to come to meetups when the friend I started playing with didn’t want to play any more.

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Yeah really enjoyable videos with good commentary. Always great to see!

Maybe don’t go overboard with all the little animations though. They’re fun but sometimes distracting as well. That’s my humble 2 cents. :smile:

“I’ll have one cars please, must play netrunner”

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Typing on mobile is the worst

Ah, I thought it was a clever turn of phrase! I guess you never know these days.

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Really good production quality, I enjoyed it.

My statement of the difficulties of typing on mobile was completely spontaneous and in no way related to my very intentional cleverness in my previous reply.


those animations are very delightful, the Jackson poped and the psi games :smiley:

Really like the production values and animation. Bookmarked, so keep them coming!

Hey everyone!
My name is Andrej, the creator of the MĂ©tropole Grid. Thanks so much for all the kind words! More videos are on their way.


I watched the first match this morning. I love that the animations were more than flourishes—they actually helped draw my eyes to individual actions and clarify certain events. (I liked SMC dissolving into D4v1d in particular.) Keep up the great work!

great work! Always love seeing new, high-quality videos and yours are among the best.

These meet or exceed the previous maximum in terms of ANR video quality. kudos. Needs more eggs Benedict though.

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