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Midway Station Grid

Midway Station Grid reads

“The Runner must pay 1c as an additional cost each time he or she uses an icebreaker to break a subroutine during a run on this server.”

What happens when the runner breaks a multi-subroutine ice (say, 5 sub NEXT Silver?) with icebreakers that can break multiple subroutines at once, e.g. Morningstar or Cerberus Lady?

I know that Midway usually works like this: x+1 for each subroutine, where x is the cost to break that subroutine. But what happens with the 2nd subroutine broken with a Lady counter? Or any but 1st subroutine broken with Morningstar?

Would really appreciate your help! :smile:

You have to pay one additional credit every time you break subs.

So with morningstar you will pay 1+1 (total, no matter how much subs)
And with Lady 1 credit extra for every counter you use.

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Thank you for answering my question. As to why I didn’t post my question in that thread, I unfortunately couldn’t find it earlier.